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Good Chinese Take-out

No city or town is complete without a few Chinese restaurants. When I first moved to Gloucester several months ago, I was happy to see a Chinese restaurant right around the corner from my residence at St. Ann’s rectory: Ocean Garden (1 Maplewood Ave. in Gloucester).  According to the employee I spoke to there, Lily Chen, they have been in business for eleven years.  That means that their food and prices are good enough to attract a faithful clientele.

Ocean Garden, 1 Maplewood Ave. Not much to look at, but the take-out is very tasty!

I have ordered meals there several times (most recently this Sunday) and the food has been consistently hot and good, and I have always had friendly service.

Chicken with mixed vegetables and rice

Their wonton soup is just the way I like it, with a very flavorful broth and not-too-thick wontons.  I wolfed it down before I remembered to take a photo…

They are primarily a take-out restaurant, although there is one table where you could sit and eat. They deliver, and if you ask for delivery you might meet this friendly man:

Mike Marshall, one of the delivery men

He and his father Robert Marshall handle the deliveries. As I arrived, Robert was driving away with a delivery in a black SUV with a festive Christmas wreath still on the hood ornament.  Remember, Christmas isn’t over yet! Not until January 9th (at least, in the Catholic Church).

So if you’re looking for a nice hot Chinese meal, this could be a good option.   Lily said their specialty is the combination plate “General Gau’s Chicken”, but she added that some of their most popular dishes are on the appetizer menu – stock favorites like crab rangoon and chicken wings.

Full information about their menu, phone number, etc., is available on their website.