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Caveman Chili!

What hot food do they sell at The Cave? Caveman chili, of course!

_chili info

If those ingredients look good to you, you’ll love the way they taste!

_Caveman Chili

This chili is NOT your run-of-the-mill generic chili. I tried some the other day, and found that it has a more well-rounded flavor than most chili I have tried.  Maybe it’s the combination of the high-quality meat and the cheese… or the wine! I just know it’s really tasty. Only mildly spicy, which is the way I like it. I’m sure it would also be great with some Tabasco or your favorite hot sauce, if you want more kick to it!

When I stopped in, they were out of their 4-cheese macaroni and cheese, which sounds amazing too.   I have to stop by some morning before it sells out and get some! I’m betting that the chili and the mac-and-cheese go together really well.

Get it at The Cave, 44 Main St. in Gloucester.  Plus, they always have tasty samples of cheese and/or other goodies available.

_The Cave façade


Fr. Matthew Green

First-Ever Blue Shutters Beachside Inn Chili Cook-Off Set for February 12.


All guests need to do is bring a pot of chili for everyone to enjoy, and they get 25% off their weekend stay. Our judges – including Jeremy Goldberg from Cape Ann Brewing and Doug Silva from the Topside Grill and Pub — will choose a winner that Saturday evening, and the chili champion gets a gift certificate for a free return visit.

If folks would like to come and stay a night or two and just taste the chili, that’s OK too.

This could be a great way to spice up Valentines Day (just a few days later) — while we’ll be enjoying chili on Saturday night, there will be time for a romantic dinner downtown, a glass of champagne by the fire, a walk on the beach and much more.

Anyone who’s interested should call or email us to make a reservation and get in on the fun!

Ph: 978-283-1198

Email: info@blueshuttersbeachside.com