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The Queen Bees of Chili Choice- Debra and Maura

Yesterday on my way home from work, the Mrs informed me that if I would like something to eat I better pick something up.

It had been far too long since my last visit to the Gals at Chili Choice so I decided to swing on by and grab some grub.

Debra and Maura are always really sweet and accomodating to me, preparing my special bare Captain Joe bowl of rice, chicken, frijole negros, salsa and xmas sauce (green and red).

Here are the girls posing with some tomales, salsa, and a Southwest Salad consisting of- red chili, roasted corn, grilled chicken with tomato and jalepeno.

More pics to follow of Chili Choice.

Check out- Chili Choice

 Chili Choice

I just love this place.   Every time I walk in I feel like I’ve known the girls for years and they are always willing to accomodate my tweaking of the dishes.

The prices are reasonable.  The ingredients the freshest and it shows in the tasty dishes they prepare.   Another reason Gloucester is the best place in the world to live- funky joints like Chili Choice.

 Here’s a link to the website-