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Congratulations to the Gloucester Police Department, this year’s Saint Peter’s Fiesta military seine boat champions!

Gloucester PD Seine boat champions copyright Kim Smith

Steve Mizzoni, John McCarthy, Leonard Campanello Gloucester PD copyright Kim SmithGloucester PD Officer Steve Mizzoni, Assistant Chief John McCarthy, and Chief Leonard Campanello


Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante are off to D.C. this morning to honor Chief Leonard Campanello as he receives his award “Champion of Change” from the Obama Administration. The Mayor shares the link for live streaming the event, which will begin at 1pm.

554d7f89578a2.imagePhoto courtesy Google image search


Gloucester’s Police Chief Leonard Campanello is a ROCK STAR!

Gloucester police Chief Leonard Campanello – photo: Allegra Boverman

Chief Campanello’s “Angel” project began yesterday.  If you don’t know what that is, read this article in the Gloucester Daily Times.

The Chief’s project has been the subject of national news for about a month now and he’s even been challenged by the district attorney (see this article in the Boston Globe).

But our Chief remains cool as a cucumber.

Just listen to him in this NPR interview from yesterday — especially the part where he says, “We appreciate the district attorney’s comments, but the fact is that the police have always had the discretion to charge or not charge and not just with drugs, with most crimes.”

If you see Chief Campanello, please congratulate him on his vision, compassion, brilliance and cool head.

This is definitely the guy you want protecting our city and helping to heal our drug problem. BRAVO CHIEF!

We knew we were lucky to have Chief Campanello come to Glocuester when he brought the crowd to their feet with his Springsteen version of “Santa Claus is Coming To Town” at the first Cape Ann Winter Solstice in December 2013.  Sheila Roberts Orlando captured the moment perfectly in the photo below:


Shout Out to Chief Campanello and the Gloucester Police Department!

I discussed writing this post with my husband on Sunday, just to let people know how professional I thought was the police presence at Fiesta, when the department’s own release was published yesterday (posted here). Nevertheless, I wanted to share my observations regarding the department during the Fiesta.

For the past week I have been filming throughout the square, and in the thick of Pavilion Beach for all three days of the Greasy Pole and seine boat races, amidst the throngs of thousands and thousands. I just have to say that despite all the rambunctious craziness, the officers were without fail courteous, cool, calm, and collected. I am sure their patience was tried often enough, but whether directing traffic, giving directions, riding their horses throughout the city, or when simply standing at the sidelines, they were friendly and composed. Thanks to Mayor Kirk, Chief Campanello, and all the officers on duty for helping to make this years’ Saint Peter’s Fiesta one of the best ever!

gloucester-chief-of-police-leonar-campanello copy

Officer Campanello and Family

Thank you to Musicians, Sponsors, Volunteers & Fans for a magical solstice

WinterSolsticeSm_FlyWhat a gift it is to live in a community full of tremendously talented musicians, who can bring world-class music to one of Gloucester’s most treasured spaces.

All the performers were at the top of their game last night and, based on their level of talent, they could have brought giant egos with them.

But they chose to leave their egos at the door and collaborate at the highest level of professionalism in order to lift a packed house at Gloucester’s UU Church to a level of musical joy that many said they hadn’t felt in years.


Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers and Cape Ann TV crew who helped to bring The Cape Ann Winter Solstice Concert to life.

Thanks, most of all, to everyone who came out to support our local music treasures and help restore the Meetinghouse so it can become a premier listening venue for dozens of major musical events  every year.

Based on last night’s success, it’s safe to say we’ll be doing this again and again and again.  Stay tuned …

Cape Ann Solstice Tickets Available at the Door ~ Plenty of FREE PARKING

You can’t get advanced tickets online any more, but you can still go the Gloucester UU Church and get tickets at the door ($25 for all ages).  Box office opens at 4pm.  Doors open at 7.  Concert starts at 7:30.  There’s plenty of free parking at the Church and nearby (Trinity Church parking lot and Library lot off School St. are both plowed) so come on down and celebrate the longest night of the year with some of Cape Ann’s finest musicians while you help to restore one of Gloucester’s most treasured buildings!


Thank You Policemen Everywhere

We have all been saddened, angered, horrified–emotions run deep and are varied–by the death of  MIT Officer Sean Collier, and the deaths of marathon spectators eight-year-old Martin Richard, BU student Lingzi Lu, and 29-year-old Krystle Cambell, as well as the many victims of the bombing whose lives have been permanently altered. I think too, everyone is filled with a great sense of pride for the extraordinary heroism and courage shown by our police officers and rescue workers. Their heroism and compassion was captured live through the extensive and still on-going media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Although an extreme example, we saw a real-time window into their world; a view we won’t quickly forget.

In thinking about how to express support, I first read about the Boston Police Foundation, but my thoughts then turned closer to home in regard to our own Gloucester police officers. I thought you would be interested to learn what I learned about the Gloucester Police Relief Fund.

Officer Scott Duffany, who is president of the Gloucester Police Relief Fund, explained that monies raised from the relief fund goes toward helping families of fallen officers, provides flags for fallen police officer’s graves, and is also directed towards funding projects and events specifically for the Gloucester community, including a continuing effort to help in the rebuilding of Newell Stadium, purchasing lights for the Little League field on the Boulevard, and help in funding the special needs dances held by the Gloucester Fraternity Club.

Chief Campanello asks us to ” focus on the MIT officer who gave his life and the victims of the explosions. We are very appreciative of all the support the public gives us and their sincere desire to help is very moving. This is what you and the citizens of Gloucester pay us to do and we are honored by that trust.”

Upcoming on July 19th is the Gloucester Police Relief Association annual fundraiser USWF Big Time Wresting Show, held at Talbot Rink. In no way were either Chief Campanello or Officer Duffany soliciting donations. I am suggesting, if you are able, to either stop by the police station to give, or send donations to:

The Gloucester Police Relief Association c/o Officer Scott Duffany

197 Main Street


Thank you!