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Dr Nicole’s Cape Ann Healing- The Latest Webcam for www.gloucesterwebcam.com


Dr Nicole Writes-

So excited to get my GMG DropCam today!  There is still office space available upstairs with some of the most breathtaking views of GHB and Salt Island, so hoping the camera will reach to share that killer view, even better one floor up from me.  May need to contact the wonderful Mr. Tim Blakely of Gloucester Bytes for a wireless extender upgrade if needed.  Attached is a pic of him hard at work on the install of this amazing little gadget!  Thanks again for getting this going!
Also wanted to share these fun pics in honor of Halloween.  Dragons need to have their adjustments too, she’s roarin’ and ready to go after her visit!
Our next Cape Ann Healing Center workshops are coming up, drop-cam not streaming them live yet but planning that for spring with regularly scheduled stunning Cape Ann views in between.
Thanks again for all you do!

Bright Blessings,
Dr. Nicole K. Andrade
Chiropractic Family Physician, Holistic Healer, Public Speaker
President, Atlantic Family Chiropractic, PC

Founder, The Cape Ann Healing Center
Co-Founder, Treetop Yoga Studio

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