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You’ve been Hearing About It For 2 Years- Sista Felicia’s Cookbook Kickstarter is Finally Live!!!!!!

Click here to check it out and reserve yours


Check out the video and reserve your copy today!!!

A unique & colorful cookbook that will bring to life lost recipes & traditions from my Sicilian kitchen to yours. My Gifts of Gold!

Funds raised through Kickstarter will allow me to realize the first step in my dream of publishing a series of four cookbooks that includes recipes and stories I learned growing up in a Sicilian family. When I became a mother of twins, I was compelled to collect the stories and the recipes I felt were being left behind because I wanted my children to be raised with all the same traditions and rich cultural heritage I had experienced.

What started out as a gift for my children quickly evolved into a hardcover 250 plus page restoration of Sicilian culture and foods. Through my cooking videos onGoodMorningGloucester.org and Media Program Network (MPN), a demand has developed for a text copy version of all my recipes so they may be shared with others within my community and beyond.

My first book is ready for print; it is written, is loaded with photographs, and awaits funding. Monies raised will pay for current  expenses related to editing, book design and layout, photography, and publication.

With your help, Kickstarter will enable me to bring my passion for all things Sicilian to your kitchen to share with your loved ones. This book embodies my commitment to ensure the past is not lost but is forever saved for future generations.

GMG Twitterati Report 7/10/13

Chickity Check It! New England Surf Company

PR Image


Over the past few years there has been a rise in surfing, and now stand up paddle (SUP)  in New England  and two local surfers, Collin Goodrow and David Stowell, co-founders of The New England Surf Company (NESC), saw it as a chance to create surf apparel and accessories exclusive to the New England coldwater surfing experience.  The co-founders, forever loyal to the unique surf community, culture, and local history, stay true to their maritime roots when creating NESC designs, like the popular Surf Co block print design. 

Recently, NESC started a Brand Ambassador program to foster a love for New England surfing and other water sports.   They’ve recruited New England standouts in the surf and SUP surf categories as a way to connect with the community and promote surf protection-activism.

Another way NESC strives to make a local and meaningful impact is through their “Go Blue” initiative.

“GO BLUE” with the simply stated motto “Save Our Waves,” helps raise awareness and support other organizations that are making a positive difference in the local economy, communities, and environment.  NESC dedicates a portion of sale proceeds of the GO BLUE t-shirts and bracelets to organizations that work to save our oceans, beaches and waves.

NESC designs and products are being picked up, sold and displayed in more surf shops throughout New England every day including SURFARI SUP in Manchester-by-the-Sea, the Gloucester House General Store in Gloucester MA, Ocean House Surf Shop in Swampscott MA, or Cinnamon Rainbows located in Hampton NH, where you can find your next favorite NESC t-shirt, sweatshirt or beanie with ease.

If your local shop is sold out, no worries the NESC online store gives you immediate access to NESC products. NESC guarantees to keep you stoked and connected with America’s “original” north shore and the regions truly unique surfing experience. Check out the New England Surf Company today at www.newenglandsurfco.com  facebook and twitter and be sure to tell a friend! And if you’re interested in getting involved in representing the brand through our Amabassador program get in touch we’re always on the lookout for new team talent and help spread the stoke!


Chickity Check It!- Life In a Nutshell From Renata Aylward

Life in a Nutshell


Renata Aylward – My stories. My way.

Ranata has some nice things to say-

Good morning readers.

Taking the opportunity on this grey and rainy day to let you know about a great blog that I found through a friend. The blog, “Good Morning Gloucester” is helmed by Joey C. (don’t ask me to spell his last name or it will take up all the space I have for this post.) You don’t have to be from Gloucester to enjoy the blog. It is written with wit, humor, love, and a large dose of community involvement. This is a blog with a heart and soul.

for the entire post click here

Chickity Check It! The Daily Bird New England submitted By Jan Howarth

bird 1bird 2

Hello, Joey,

I look forward to your blog every morning — thanks so much for all your hard work!

A while back, two people posted photos of hawks and asked for help in identifying them. Then I saw a hawk in my own front yard, and I became really curious. After a little Internet searching, I found a blog by a fellow called Alexander Dunn: The Daily Bird (a seasonal site for watchers of New England birds). It’s a great site! (http://thedailybirdnewengland.blogspot.com)

I e-mailed the photos to him, and asked for his opinion. Here it is (along with two links to pages on his site that feature the birds he mentions)!

Hi Jan,

I’m glad you found my site and have enjoyed reading it. I took a look at the photos you sent and the first image is that of an immature red-tailed hawk. Image 2 is  bit harder to tell but I think you have either an immature sharp-shinned hawk or a cooper’s hawk. They are similar in appearance but differ in size so without context it’s hard to tell. For more on both of these species you can view my website:



The "first image" Alexander refers to is the one I’ve attached with the large picture and all the little ones. "Image 2" is the bird sitting on the railing. Alexander does note on his site that a sharp-shinned hawk is about the size of a blue jay, so that might help identify the visitor. A Cooper’s hawk is roughly the size of a crow.

So, what have I learned from all this? That I need lots more practice!

Thanks so much,

Jan Howarth

Chickity Check It! Bookman’s Log From Greg Gibson


Your readers might be interested in this week’s entry in my blog "Bookman’s Log" parked on my home page at http://tenpound.com/

It’s called "A Modest Proposal."


To read the entire entry click here


Greg Gibson

Ten Pound Island Book Co.
76 Langsford St. Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-5299  

Read "Bookman’s Log – A weekly blog
of news, gossip, recent adventures &
acquisitions, and deep thinking about
the antiquarian book trade"
at http://tenpound.com/

Chickity Check It!- Big Mike’s Bikes Breaks Down That Burning Question In Everybody’s Mind- Should I Buy a Craigslist Bike?


Should I Buy a Craigslist Bike?

Craigslist is ubiquitous. Tons and tons of people use it in every major, or even tiny, metro area. Their bicycle section is huge, with well-priced bikes of all sizes and types. But is it worth it to get a bike from a random stranger?

If you don’t know much about us, we got our start on Craigslist. Mike finally felt comfortable enough with servicing bicycles to sell off a few extra bikes, and pretty soon it grew into a full-time job. People were happy with our service, and even recommended their friends to us – pretty good for a random Craigslist transaction, right? When we realized Gloucester really needed a bike shop again, we transitioned into mobile local service out of the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market, and then finally into a storefront.

We have also purchased dozens of bikes on Craigslist over the years. Bikes that needed work and were being sold cheaply were right up our alley. So we’ve been there, especially in Boston.

for the rest of the entry click here

For more interesting Biking news and stories follow Big Mike’s Bike’s on Twitter-

Well Lookey Here- Sista Felicia Is On Twitter


Follow her and ask her cooking questions.  I bet she’d be happy to answer your questions.

here’s a twitter tutorial to help you get started. you can follow it along and press pause as you go-

5 Questions With @Joey_C’s Favorite Twitter Peeps- Steve Saleeba

Starting out with Steve Saleeba- @TheSteveDuJour .  Steve is one of my favorite people on twitter for a couple of reasons.  He has a sarcastic edge but also tweets interesting breaking news tidbits.  IMO there’s nothing worse than when someone gets on twitter and then just hammers the shit out of their feed with advertisements for their company.  The best twitter users highlight the best of what they come across on the web and breaking news and have a sense of humor when they do it.  There’s not many more interesting than Steve.


Five Questions-

What are your duties at WBZ?

I’m a web content producer for CBSBoston.com . I write news and features, I manage the site’s “Boston’s Best” section, I share responsibility for the site’s social media accounts, and I provide constant entertainment for my co-workers… whether they like it or not.

Why do you think you are follow worthy on Twitter?

Isn’t there supposed to be a hyphen in follow-worthy? What was the question again?

What types of tweets or twitter user drive you up a wall?

Any kind of politically partisan propaganda… It’s bad enough that I have to listen to Congress acting like a bunch of exaggerating children… Now I have to see a bunch of mindless lemmings regurgitate this crap to me on my Twitter feed? No thanks.  People need to find common ground. I love politics. I tweet about politics sometimes. But I try to keep it non-partisan. In other words – I blame them all.

Who are some of your favorite twitter users?

Pretty sure I’ll get in trouble if I don’t say @joey_c & @JMcElhenny.  So, them. (It’s like getting to play at Fenway Park and saying you aren’t a fan of the managers.) Aside from those guys, I follow beer fans, hockey (and other sports) fans, co-workers, newsies, music buffs, cycling advocates, comedians, employees at competing news outlets, PR people, you name it.   And to be honest, they’re all great… Tough to pick just a few.

Do you have a website you would like to promote?

Yes. 3, actually.

www.CBSBoston.com . I work there. I’d like to keep working there. Site visits = $.

If you want to read my blog, which I rarely update, it’s: http://stevesaleeba.wordpress.com/

www.goodmorninggloucester.com  Apparently they’re going to be running a new ‘Five Questions’ series on that site. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. It’s definitely worth checking out. 

Chickity Check It!- Extract(s) Daily dose of lit.


Check it out here

Extract(s) features bite-sized literature in surprising forms. We don’t want to be your everything, but we do want to be one thing that makes your day more interesting. Drop by for a few minutes every day. We’ll give you something to think about.

Who We Are

Christopher J. Anderson, Founder & Executive Creative Director

Jenn Monroe, Founder & Executive Producer

Meg Cameron, Media & Communications Manager & Producer, “In Place”

Kyle Petty, Director, “In Place”

We fully support the right to free speech and artistic license. This does not mean we agree with all of the viewpoints expressed in the work we publish here. And, as a literary project, unless told otherwise by the contributor, we assume all characters depicted in these works are fictional (yes, even in the poetry), and any similarities between those mentioned and anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

Someone you should be following on Twitter- @CapeAnnMuseum



Cape Ann  Museum has started tweeting old photos from its archives.

I know people can’t get enough of the stuff here on GMG that The Infamous Fred Buck sends us so if you’d like to see more of that, then it’s time to follow @CapeAnnMuseum on twitter

Right now they have 177 followers, let’s see what the power of GMG can do within 24 hours to their twitter follower count shall we?

Follow them here- https://twitter.com/CapeAnnMuseum and check out a picture of a huge schooner stuck in the ice in Gloucester Harbor (their latest tweet)

Chickity Check It! “The Photographers You Idolize Are No Better Than You” By Lee Morris on FStoppers

The Photographers You Idolize Are No Better Than You

an excerpt-

The Unnamed Trait
The most important trait is something that I don’t think I can fully explain with a couple of words. This trait has nothing to do with photography specifically, it has everything to do with success in general. Successful people are “Do’ers.” By that I mean successful people accomplish things. In many cases it doesn’t even matter what they do, they just have to do something, anything, over and over again. “Talented” people take initiative to do, create, or start something. The average person doesn’t actually do anything themselves; they go to work, they do what they are told, and then they come home and watch tv and get ready for the next day of work. Successful people see a problem and then fix it. They have an idea and they create something. Think about the people that you look up to in your life. You probably admire them because they have done something unique or different or they do something specific very well.

The average person is a talker. They claim to be smart, they claim to be talented and they claim to have great ideas. But they also always have an excuse about why they aren’t doing anything. Don’t you know a person that is always planning something big but their big ideas never turn out?

For the entire article read here

Chickity Check It! Tugster Does Gloucester


hi joey–

sorry we didn’t meet up, but our stay was fantastic.  causeway A+, seaprt grille A+, vista motel A+.  my wife elizabeth used to live on atlantic road one summer and we went back there, she’d never walked around halibut point so i showed her, i’d never gone into bearskin neck. 

i had to be in class by 430 pm monday, so after walking to a viewing point of thatcher island off old penzance road, we got under way south and west. 

i put this post up–http://tugster.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/road-fotos-24/–   and will put some others up this week. 

Road Fotos 24

November 26, 2012  | I lived near Cape Ann for most of the last 15 years of the 20th century,  and have to get back now and then.

Few places in the US are as connected to the water as Cape Ann, whether it be churches in Gloucester,

Click here for the rest of the post

Chickity Check It- Be Grateful Project – Open Door and the Cape Ann Food Pantry From Jen Amero


Jen Amero writes-

Continuing the Be Grateful Project through the holiday season with a nod to Gloucester’s own Open Door/Cape Ann Food Pantry. Under the energized direction of Julie Hazen LaFontaine, the Open Door offers a free grocery store and community meals for the needy, the elderly and the lonely at their Emerson Ave location as well as neighborhood, senior care and school-based mobile farmers’ markets and a second hand clothing and furniture shop at it’s "Second Glace" resale boutique on Pond Road.


For the rest of her blog post about The Open Door Pantry click here

Chickity Check it- Is the News Dying? From John McElhenny On The Matter Communications Blog


John McElhenny writes-
Is the News Dying?

A blogger buddy and I had a back-and-forth recently about the future of news. He had just read a post called, “The incredible shrinking newspaper audience,” and was pessimistic about the future of how people would get their news.

“Scary stuff if you value real news,” the blogger, Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Gloucester, wrote in our Twitter chat.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned.

For the rest of John’s post click here

If you’re not sure what’s going on at Endicott’s 33 Commercial St campus — and how it may change your life, read this

While Vickie was complaining yesterday about people who wait until the last minute to announce their live music lineup, and then forget to tell us at gimmesound.com, which, BTW, is the ONLY complete live music listing for Gloucester & Cape Ann in ANY MEDIUM — meaning that if you’re not listed, you’re not getting the word out, which it’s your own fault ’cause it’s free … anyhow I digress.

While she was getting gimmesound up to date, I was at a meeting with Peter Jenner, who happens to be Chair of the School of Hospitality Management at Endicott College, and he invited me to a reception at their new digs at 33 Commercial St. later in the day where Endicott’s arts profs & deans were going to hobnob with people from Gloucester’s arts scene, the whole shebang being dubbed Arts Endicott meets Arts Gloucester — in a word: OUTREACH.

While I was there, I posted a live photo from the event (see here).  I met some interesting people, saw people I knew, drank wine, ate hors d’oeuvres, listened to a short, concise and interesting presentation and saw a dance performance — all very well put together.  But here’s what really struck me.  These people are truly interested in immersing themselves into Gloucester’s culture.  They see the entire city — and everyone in it — as their partners.  This is far more significant than the fact Endicott is offering degree programs in Gloucester (see this post), which is pretty big in and of itself.

So if you didn’t go last night (I almost didn’t) I recommend that you contact somebody at Endicott that is teaching in the field you work in every day and tell them what you do.  This isn’t only for people in the arts — it’s everything — literally.  Check out their website here.

As I said in this post, “Becoming a college town is likely to be the best thing that has happened to Gloucester this century.”  And I’m not exaggerating.

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