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Merry Christmas and A Feel Good Turkey Story From Charity (no relation) Ciaramitaro

If you don’t feel good about the way you or your mom cooks your Turkey after seeing this shit-show then god help us all.

Charity writes-

First turkey: my poor vegetarian mommy tried to cook a nice turkey for my brother and his beautiful girlfriend.  Second turkey: my daughter and I cooked, she is just basting it one more time.  I gave her directions but she didn’t listen.  She called me crying and said she couldn’t talk about it for 6 months. I warned her that it might end up on Good Morning Gloucester.  She said OK as a warning to others and as long as we don’t verbally talk about it.
Happy Holidays!
Charity Ciaramitaro

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Is that pineapple I see in that turkey?

Note to self- do not under any circumstances eat at a vegetarian’s house for Thanksgiving.

iPhone 4s Camera Photos From Charity Ciaramitaro

Charity writes-

Seize the day!  Recent events have reminded our family to be thankful for everyday, every minute.  It’s a difficult thought, to be able to experience great joy and beauty we must also experience great sorrow and pain.  I was having a hard time today finding that fair.  It was my 10 year old daughter that reminded me it’s not meant to be fair it just is what it is.  She said lets just go out and enjoy some beauty.  We went out to enjoy this beautiful fall day and I took the opportunity to try the camera on the 4s.  Not bad!  Charity

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4