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Cameraman Bob Oliver and Maggie Harper From Channel 5’s Chronicle Represent! at Captain Joe and Sons

Bob and Maggie came down the dock to interview Frankie and I about lobstering, Gloucester and the Blog.  They’ve been around town all week.  yesterday it was our great Mayor’s day.  Look for the interview in about 3 weeks.

2012-06-20 11.25.54

here’s Frankie getting some face time-

2012-06-20 10.39.39

John McElhenny tweets- “The Camera Loves Frankie!”

Channel 5 Shows GMG Some Love Again

And Again They Link Back to GMG in their story which is more than many other news outlets did.  It is duly noted and much appreciated.

Here’s a link to The Albino Lobster Story on The Boston Channel-


Here are all the posts to date about the albino lobster

WCVB Channel 5 Visits The Dock and Shows Some Love To GMG

This morning Todd Kazakiewich from Channel 5 stopped by the dock to get the scoop on the triple pincher lobster that had a brief stay with us at the dock.

His excellent reporting getting all the facts straight and linking back to GMG gets him the Gold Star of reporting for the day.  He even resisted the urge by other reporters to label me a captain or a lobstermen despite me clearly stating otherwise:)

Here is an excerpt but you should go to the site where they show video of us at the dock-

Click the link below to see the story on tonight’s Channel Five News Telecast

Three-Clawed Lobster Takes Dealer By Surprise 


 Joey Ciaramitaro found a triple-pincer in a shipment that he received Saturday at the wholesale business he owns with his cousin.

 Lobsters usually have a crusher claw and a pincer claw. This lobster has an extra pincer. It’s an unusual sight even for a veteran lobster dealer. 

Thanks Todd!