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Are you Kidding Me Brad Pitt????

This may be the all time dumbest commercial and expose on taking oneself too seriously of all times.  OH MY LOOOOOORD DUDE, SERIOUSLY????

I hope you got paid ALLL THE MONEY and I Mean ALL THE MONEY for this ad.

Listen Haters Gonna Hate. I’m no Brad Pitt Hater.  I actually liked Brad Pit and his body of work… alllll the way up to ten minutes ago when I saw this commercial on TV.

Dude, you don’t have enough money that you gotta sell out like this?????  Someone needs to fire their agent STAT! Agent needs to go, ad agency needs to go, handlers need to go, anyone associated with this debacle needs to go.

What’s next? Tampon commercials?  Midol commercials?  Bath and Bodyworks commercials?

Douchebag says what?