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Scoring Sheet for GMG Italian Sub Challenge and Video

The top section was the taste score. Possible 0-40 points Middle Section Equal Distribution of Meats and Condiments 5-10-15-20 Potential Points Bottom Section Price Per Pound

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150+ Artists Responded! http://ghwalk.blogspot.com

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So The Challenge Has Been Accepted- It’s Muffy White vs Your Boy Joey In A MyZone Fitness Challenge Death Match

I’m up at the Manchester Athletic Club and they have these fitness bands that you strap around your chest and it measures your level of physical activity and then sends a report while you are working out to a computer … Continue reading

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Kevin Nolan Plans To Decimate The Passports Rogue Burger Man Vs Food Challenge

Come to Passports Saturday Morning at 10AM To Witness The Challenge and Be Part Of The Video

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It’s Gonna Be a Battle Royale!!!!!

Five half pound burgers and a side of your choice.  Larry, Kevin, Paul Morrison, Ed Collard.  Is there a man in the bunch that can take down the Rogue Burger?  We will find out tomorrow morning, Passports at 10AM!  Be … Continue reading

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GMG Passports Man Vs Food Challenge Preview

For anyone who completes The Man vs Food Challenge they will get their burger for free and a Limited Edition Passports “I Finished The Rogue Burger” T-Shirt limited to the first six people that sign up in the comment section … Continue reading

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