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EVERY Backyard Needs These!

Spring is here…summer is right around the corner….and, in my humble opinion, every yard needs Cornhole.  And, if you’re going to have a set, why not have a set cooler than your neighbors’?

Really, if you’re being honest, the only question to ask yourself is, “Exactly what do I want painted on mine?”

Should you go with the Team Spirit vibe, school colors, favorite vacation spot, favorite band, monogrammed as a wedding or anniversary gift, totally custom and off the chart? There’s absolutely a blank slate (or two) calling your name!

I recently ordered a set of Dan’s Custom Cornhole Creations with our school logo painted on them.  First of all, they were done so quickly….secondly, they’re awesome. They are going to be such a perfect addition to campus for both the students and the faculty/staff alike.  Friday afternoon Faculty Fun will surely be centered around some friendly games of cornhole in the very near future!

If you own a company and have a logo, you need these.  If you, say…for example…run a pretty successful blog and have oh, I don’t know maybe a seagull for a logo, you need these.  Just saying.

If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift, a house warming gift, or a birthday gift…here you go.  If you have a friend with a sweet yard and want to ensure you score a few invites over the course of the summer, you might want to consider ordering him/her a set.  The possibilities are endless, the beers are cold, the bean bags are waiting to be tossed.  Make the call.

Check out Dan’s Custom Cornhole Creations at his Facebook page HERE

If you’re not on Facebook, absolutely email Dan at dlmerriam1115@gmail.com

Or call/text Dan @ 508-981-1530

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Yes We Did! Yes We Did! Compare and Contrast These Two Videos- Who Ya Got?


Go Celtics!

We don’t cover too many Boston sport here since we have our local teams, but you have to be a fan of our current Boston Celtics. The big 3 are fun to watch and simply good people. They continue to bring it every night, except a few nights so they don’t get injured and are ready for the playoffs. You can also argue that after 24 assists on Friday night, Rajon Rondo makes it the big 4. Shaq in Boston is also pure entertainment. Check him posing as a statue in Harvard Square.

Lets stay healthy this year, beat Lebron yet again on the way to the championship and BEAT LA!

My 3 year old getting pumped for the championship last year.

Lets not let my little one down this year

Lets not let my little one down this year


What Is You Favorite Boston Pro Sports Team