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Yes We Did! Yes We Did! Compare and Contrast These Two Videos- Who Ya Got?


Go Celtics!

We don’t cover too many Boston sport here since we have our local teams, but you have to be a fan of our current Boston Celtics. The big 3 are fun to watch and simply good people. They continue to bring it every night, except a few nights so they don’t get injured and are ready for the playoffs. You can also argue that after 24 assists on Friday night, Rajon Rondo makes it the big 4. Shaq in Boston is also pure entertainment. Check him posing as a statue in Harvard Square.

Lets stay healthy this year, beat Lebron yet again on the way to the championship and BEAT LA!

My 3 year old getting pumped for the championship last year.

Lets not let my little one down this year

Lets not let my little one down this year


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