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New Year’s Eve in Rockport with Cape Ann Big Band featuring John Rockwell and Renee Dupuis and What Time Is It Mr. Fox @ The Shalin Liu.

Cape Ann Big Band with Renee Dupuis and John Rockwell


What Time Is It Mr. Fox?


This was the first time going to NYE In Rockport. I got my button and went straight to The Shalin Liu. I moved around a bit. Got a seat right away in the balcony then asked if it was ok to move down to the main floor. It was excellent. Twenty dollars for a button and I got to see two great shows at the same venue. There was music all over the small town of Rockport and all kinds of festivities. I was happy,so there was no need to venture out. Make sure to check out  the website next year to see what’s happening. You will be glad you did! > http://newyearsrockporteve.com/countdown/

Mother of Grace Club Celebration

From Catherine Fontana (see her interview with Joey here):
You are cordially invited to attend our annual feast in honor of Mother of Grace, Sept. 6-8. All events will be held at 48 Washington St. unless otherwise stated.


Schedule of events:

Sept. 6th (Friday): 6:30-930PM Italian music

Sept. 7th (Saturday): 7-10PM Jim Geary and Band

Sept. 8th (Sunday):

  • 8AM High Mass at St. Ann’s Church
  • 2:30PM Benediction service at the Club (48 Washington St.) followed by the annual procession and a band concert
  • 8:45PM Closing of the feast with a candlelight procession


Matthew Green

Purim Celebration at Temple Ahavat Achim

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from destruction in the wake of a plot by Haman, a story recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther (Megillat Esther).” – Wikipedia

Here on GMG, I saw an invitation to Temple Ahavat Achim’s Purim celebration, and decided to attend! I’ve already been to their Hanukkah celebration and two of the Cafe Shalom events, and it’s always been interesting and enjoyable. This was no different!

If you want to make sense of these photos, I recommend you read about Purim on Wikipedia or some other source. In brief, they read and partially reenact the book of Esther (using noisemakers to blot out the name of Haman), accompanied by alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages, traditional pastries called hamanashen, and the wearing of costumes.  It’s a fun mixture of ritual and lighthearted fun. Cape Ann Brewery contributed some delicious pomegranate beer!  Here are some shots I took.

Click here for a complete full-size slideshow:


and/or scroll down for a few highlights:



Fr. Matthew Green

Gloucester Education Foundation Celebration From Terry Weber

Hi Joey,

On Friday night at the Cape Ann Museum, the Gloucester Education Foundation (GEF) held its annual celebration, noting its growth and progress over the past year. Over 100 people attended including teachers, donors, and city officials.

One exciting GEF initiative you’ll be hearing more about in coming weeks is the "Using Technology to Enhance Project-Based Learning" program which will allow students in the program to use iPads to document changes to Gloucester from 1900 to the present day. More details to come!

To see more pics of the celebration, click here

To learn more about the GEF and their mission, click here

Photos of St. Ann School’s Celebration of the Arts

On Wednesday, St. Ann’s School had it’s Celebration of the Arts – much like what the public schools had a couple of weeks ago, but just for one school.  It included a student concert and an art show.  Here are a few photos of the art – I want to make a video with some clips from the concert too, but that won’t be ready on time for today’s post…

An overview of the gym, where much of the art was on display:

The 8th graders made some creative self portraits:

The show as also about creating art on the spot. Here, students make trading cards to swap with each other.

Click below for a complete slideshow

-Fr. Matthew Green