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Don’t touch my catnip!


Taking a break from my second-hand store series, here’s a cute photo of Neo:

Neo is the cat-in-residence at my new apartment in Gloucester.  He is officially attached to the family upstairs, but he’s claimed me as an auxiliary affection provider (which is fine with me).  If I so much as squat down to pick something up when he’s around, he tries to crawl into my lap.  Of course, I allow him as often as I can!
Here he is enjoying a Dr. Pussum’s catnip toy from the Pop Gallery, a gift from my friend Vignette-Noelle.  He loves it!   It looks like he’s saying, “If try to take this from me, I’ll rip your face off.” Very sweet of him!  I bought some of these catnip toys before, for my parents’ two cats, and they were also very pleased.

Matthew Green

Catnip toys from Pop Gallery make our cat happy

During the “Men’s Night” event, at the Pop Gallery I bought a pack of catnip-based toys for my family’s two cats, Frey and Freya.  This photo shows Frey after flipping out with the catnip… now in a happy catnip-induced stupor.  The small green packet and the realistic mouse were both part of the set.  Freya also enjoyed the toys, but she likes to hide under the covers on my parents’ bed, so I couldn’t get photos…

Fr. Matthew Green