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Entries From The GMG Flickr Group

I somehow got sidetracked on the GMG Flickr Group and things have piled up.  Here are just some of teh amazing photos that have been added to the group in the past week.  To see the entire group click here for the Good Morning Gloucester Flickr Group.




Thomas Philbrook- Dawn At The Gazeebo

Thomas Writes-This gazebo lives on the western side of Front beach — our most popular little beach here in Rockport, MA.


Elinor Teele-Lane’s Cove




Hieclix-awesome sunset, gloucester ma


Cathy Tarr-Great Morning


Marty Luster

imageDeb Clarke-Little Mako

imageciabat AKA kevin


Unitarian Universalist Church Steeple, Gloucester, MA submitted to the GMG Flickr Group Pool By Cathy Tarr

Cathy Writes-

I love this steeple, especially at night. I’m a night photog novice, hoping to get better. Daytime is filled with amazing sights – beaches and rocks and waves. I think night time in Gloucester is pretty special, too.

Our Lady of Good Voyage submitted to The GMG Flickr Group Pool by Cathy Tarr

Cathy Writes-

There is so much to see from this view – the lights reflecting on the water, the houses on the hills in East Gloucester, the steeples of Our Lady of Good Voyage Church and Our Lady herself, watching over the city.

Our Lady of Good Voyage, originally uploaded by ~ cathy ~.

Chickity Check It!- Cape Ann Web

From Cathy Tarr-

Hey Joe,
When you have some time, would you consider adding Cape Ann Web to the list of links on GMG?

That was my first baby – it’s been online since 2002,  It’s a somewhat static site (except for the restaurant reviews), more practical than pretty – updated when I have time to search for new sites or when people submit suggestions.

It’s mostly a directory of online resources for Cape Ann – I created it more for residents than tourists, with quick links and searches to city/town information. The Community Sites page is pretty cool and extensive.  I added a blog roll a few months ago.  It’s pretty much all about what’s out there about Cape Ann on the Web!  I feel like it’s the mama web site for all the great sites that have been created in the past 8 years.

I’ve been thinking about another charity bowling smack-down – one of these days.  Oh … and when we do, I’ve got Dean signed up … on my team.  hahaha


Cathy Tarr At Cape Ann Lanes For Cape Ann Beer and Blog Event

Bowling is fun.  As Cathy said to me last night- Once you are there and bowling everyone has a great time!


Cathy Tarr At Cape Ann Lanes, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Mary At Cape Ann Lanes

Sharon and David Cox At Cape Ann Lanes

David Cox and His Pretty Pink Bowling Shoe Laces

Mike Foley Reacts After Bowling A Sub Par Frame

I regret that I have no picture of Brainfix.  Boo Joey

Chickity Check It!- New Blog- Get Fit Gloucester

From Cathy-

I am a 57 year old woman who has never felt more healthy and fit in my entire life. Five years ago, at 52, I weighed about 80 lbs. more than I do now. I felt much older, with stiff joints and back aches and no energy. And don’t even ask about clothes!

I did not “go on a diet,” I did not count calories or carbs. I made lifestyle changes, a little at a time. I tried to eat healthier and move more. You can do this, too. You can make changes to look, and more importantly, feel healthier and fit. You don’t have to be overweight to be unfit. You will feel a difference in strength, energy, stamina and flexibility. I’m talking to you, men, too!

I can tell you how I did it. Not everything I do will be right for you. Through posts about my progress; tips and ideas about nutrition and exercise; links to sites I like and find helpful, I hope to inspire others to get fit and healthy and encourage a community of support and an exchange of ideas. And have a little fun on the way! Much of our information will be about local Cape Ann sites – walking and bike routes, gyms, types of exercise, yoga studios, good buys on healthy food – but Guests and commenters from anywhere are welcome as well.

Okay, I know you all want to know. Right now I’m wearing a pair of Levis – size 8. A comfortable size 8!

Twenty year old daughter: “Mom, why are you wearing my clothes?”
Mom: “Because I can!”

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Things To Do- Fisherman’s Brew Tasting at The Manor July 5th

*Sunday, July 5, 2009: 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

“Mind Your Manor” – Beer Tasting with Fisherman’s by Gloucester’s own Cape Ann Brewing Company.

On the deck at the Manor Inn, 141 Essex Ave., Rte. 133

Admission:  $15.00 includes:

Beer tasting and complimentary appetizers, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Music by Safety, 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Full cash bar and deck menu will also be available.




Things To Do- Concert On The Boulevard

From Cathy Tarr-

Joey, here the details for the July 3 concert on the Boulevard:

Concert on the Boulevard before and after the parade (bridge house end):

Starts at 5:00 p.m. – pauses for the parade until the end of the parade passes the Tavern, then resumes until the fireworks start at 10:00 p.m.

Featuring local bands Bingo Fridays and The Runaround with a special performance (around 8:30) by American Idol contestant Ayla Brown.