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The CBS Boston Most Valuable Blogger Everything Else Category Rant

As many of you know (and I swear I don’t want to be obnoxiously asking for your votes every two seconds) Good Morning Gloucester, our blog is among the 30 or so nominees for Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger in the Everything Else category.

It’s a great honor and it’s all because of our contributors and community who send in material as well as comment on posts and/or help out with the latest foolish plans we may be concocting to dominate the world.

I don’t want this to come off as a plea for votes but I just now had the time to click through the other nominees on the list and out of the 30 or so, there really IMO are only about 5 that belong there.  I’m not even saying GMG deserves the top spot (although in my mind it does) but I could see how someone could vote for Adam Gaffin’s excellent and oft updated Universal Hub

What I cannot understand is how there are some nominees in the category that hardly ever even update or may only update once a week.  There are some nominees that have a total of three blog posts for the whole month of August.  We bang that out by 8AM on any given day.  So if you have time and see some of the other nominees even in the same category that we are nominated in, look through and at least vote for some blog that cares enough to maintain the thing.

I would tell you that there are some local Cape Ann blogs that I would put up over at least 60% of the nominees in the contest.

Anyway I truly am appreciative to whoever nominated us in the first place and I hope that if we don’t win that someone that puts in the time and energy that we do, does win.

Thanks for your support…end rant

The 1255 Food Posts In The Past Two Years Post That Turned Into A Diatribe About Categories

It has come to my attention when clicking on the Eats category in the category pull down section in the right hand column of the Blog that GMG has 1255 posts in the “Eats” category.  Now some most of you may not know what that means technically speaking but to further explain, most every time we make a post little boxes get checked off which are categories which I set up so that people can go directly to the certain category they may be interested in.  There is a “Gloucester At Dawn Category” which gets a checkmark every time I post one of the Gloucester At Dawn series and then it gets categorized. There is a “Fishermen Profiles” category, “Gloucester Doors”, “Art”,”Working Boats”, “What Up Homie” and a whole bunch of other categories which break things down for people.

I put in extra steps to add tags on each post so that people can do searches on certain subjects also (another way to make the blog easily researchable).  It is extremely time consuming to add in these extra steps but it also makes GMG an unbelievable resource by being able to document and find certain subjects by using keyword tags, in conjunction with dates of certain events and the categories.

Anyway the point of this whole post rambling diatribe was originally to simply point out that over the past couple of years that we’ve given highlight to over 1254 area dishes at local restaurants and chefs.  That’s pretty astonishing really.

Feel free to check out the category pull down in the lower right hand column of the blog which can be found here for all you folks that only get the feed at the end of the night and don’t actually visit the site.

Just go to GMG and scroll down the right hand column til you see this drop down box titled “Select Category”  click the little arrow and the drop down box will reveal all the different categories you can peruse at your leisure.

It looks like this-