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Change and Conflict in the Gloucester Fishing Industry Featuring Wicked Tuna’s Dave Marciano, Lady Jane Skipper Russell Sherman

Molly Ferrill came down the dock last May. She also did a time lapse video from our dock which you can see below and went out lobstering for a day with Tommy Burns, the same Tommy Burns who took out Ben Grenon. You can see those videos below her latest.

Molly fared a whole lot better than Ben did aboard Tommy’s boat as you will see comparing the two videos.

The Problem with Catch Shares Video From GoodFoodnH2O

This video was featured on www.fisherynation.com

I remember my dad telling me when I graduated from college and was at the crossroads of either coming down the dock or continuing my education to become an Economics professor.  He said- “Joey if you come down the dock, there’s always gonna be fish and they’re always gonna need a place to offload them.”  Never back then could he or I imagine how much they would have hyper-consolidated the industry and reduce the number of fishermen in our harbor by 80%.

So in the middle of composing this post Pete Mondello pulled up to load bait to go lobstering.  Pete doesn’t have any fishing permits any more and he tells me the story of what his father Joe the cobbler said to him- “Pete if everything goes to shit you’ll still be able to go catch some fish for dinner.”  Never did he dream back then that if he landed fish he’d get thrown in jail.

What our town was built on- the spirit of the independent fisherman who could get in the business by filling out a sheet of paper for a permit and get out of it as much work as he wanted to put in.  Now all that is over.  No young guy can afford the millions it will take to get started up in this business as a fisherman and within our lifetime we will see the complete transformation into few large fishing conglomerates from hundreds of fishing families supporting thousands.