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Cathedral Basilica Of Immaculate Conception – Castries, St. Lucia

Although we stayed up in Rodney Bay we took a taxi to the Port of Castries where the markets are and cruise ships pull in to dock.  In the center of this crowded city is this beautiful church- Cathedral Basilica Of Immaculate Conception.

It is the largest church in the Carribean measuring 200×100 feet wide.

Castries Fishermen’s Pier

There was a rather large woman cooking something in a pot off to the right in the picture.  A fire had been set using whatever scraps of wood that were around and the pot set right atop that fire.  Under the fishing boats which were hailed up out omn the dock there were many small dogs playing with each other and some roosters roaming around.  Obviously getting the dogs neutered was not high on the priority list. 

Just across the bay were two cruise ships.  Such a striking contrast between the big hulking and modern cruise ships and the very basic fishing boats.

Castries Fishermen’s Pier, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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