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International Lobstermen Travel to Maine through MLA Lobstermen’s Exchange

From The Island Institute via Monkeyfist at the Casco Bay Boaters Blog- Lobstermen from all over the world will travel to Maine March 4-14 through the Lobstermen’s Exchange organized by the Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA). Seven lobstermen from Tasmania, West … Continue reading

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Wary Meyers Lobsters Playing Before The Storm Print

I saw this picture in the link  to Wary Meyers site on the Casco Bay Boaters Blog but once on the Wary Meyers site I could never find this actual full sized print. Paulie Frontiero showed me the light yesterday- … Continue reading

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Chickity Check It!- Bowsprite Does The Tugs

My buddy Christina is at it again- her latest sketchbook posting is full of tugs and a nice story about the watches on each one. I would absolutely love to see her come to Gloucester next summer and do a … Continue reading

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Rockland Lobster Trap Tree vs Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Ed Collard Calls It Like He Sees It

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Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree vs Crappy Rockland Lobster Trap Tree- You Decide

The Fantastic Majestic Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree The Crappy Unimaginative Maine Lobster Trap Tree photo courtesy cascobaymeatheads

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Monkeyfist (seated and facing away) Bowsprite and Tugster Visit Gloucester

What a great visit I had from water bloggers From The North and South over the past few days. Yesterday we went by Charlie’s Place for a great breakfast in which they all took turns mispronouncing linguica. :) Many of … Continue reading

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Chickity Check It- Casco Bay Boaters Blog

It’s based out of Casco Bay, but there are a ton of relevant fishing industry links and stories from Gloucester.  Well worth a look. Click this text to go to the site

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