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Art Rock Found!

There’s No Flies On Carol Mondello!  She saw the post on her GMG Facebook Feed and shot up, brushed her teeth and headed straight for Good Harbor Beach.  Right to the spot where Paulie Walnuts left his Art Rock!

Her was the post yesterday morning at 7:25AM-

It’s Out There.  Go get It!  Oh and If You Bring It To the Dock (95 East Main St) This Morning Before 9AM I’ll Give You A Brand new 2011  Run Gloucester T Shirt

and in she walked, passing by Paul as he left the dock and into my office to claim her new t-shirt


Congratulations Carol!

Carol could you write in the course of events and fill in the timeline from when you saw the post in your Facebook feed to the timeline of when you actually found the Art Rock and if anyone else was there when you claimed it?