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It’s music, food & festivals in Gloucester this weekend

Continuing with my interest in starting the weekend on Thursday, I’ll be at the Y Taste of Cape Ann to benefit the Y’s teen, camp and childcare initiatives.  Get tickets here or just go to the Cruiseport at 6pm for food & drink from some of Cape Ann’s best restaurants, along with live music, cooking demonstrations, raffles, door prizes and more.

John wants to see the Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live in Budapest (he loves We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions) at Cape Ann Community Cinema that starts at 7:30pm followed by a live set by the all-female Queen Tribute band Gunpowder Gelatine.  We’ll try to get to both.

Nine great choices for tomorrow (Friday).  See Friday’s live music lineup here.

Saturday is family festival day with the Captains Courageous Festival featuring live music at Gloucester’s UU Church and the Lanesville Music Festival starting at 1:30pm with two of my favorites, Pete Lindberg at 5:30 and Bill Gleason at 7:30, then becoming a HUGE dance party at 8:30 featuring the great KBMG with special guest J.B. Amero.  WOW!  See the full festival music lineup here.  And look at their cool poster below:
Click for Lanesville Music Festival lineup

On Sunday, Celtic music fans can catch our friend Michael O’Leary TWICE in one day, on the Lannon & at the Dog Bar.  See Sunday’s live music schedule here.

All in all over 50 artists performing this weekend — and it’s not even summer any more!  Get the complete schedule for all the live music in Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Captains Courageous Festival Photos

Hi Joey – I thought you might like to post this photo of 10 year old 4th grader Jack Kelly who volunteered to read from Captains Courageous at Cape Ann Art Haven on Saturday, March 5 during the Captains Courageous Festival. Note Jack’s multi-colored fingers – he’d just finished making fish prints with many other kids. They had a great time.

Also, photos of Jimmy Tarantino reading at GMHC are below.

Thanks, Anne Robinson

Dawn Gadow Photo-


photo of Jimmy Tarantino at GMHC by Mary Kay Taylor


Captains Courageous Readers Needed!

Readers are needed this Saturday, March 5, 2011:

Hi all –

We’ve had some folks suddenly cancel as readers this Saturday, March 5 due to various personal matters. emergencies, etc., so I’m putting the call out for READERS to volunteer to read a short selection from Captains Courageous. Scripts will be provided in advance. the FINAL SCHEDULE is attached below and on seARTS homepage www.seart.org
Please help spread the word about READERS and CCF itself. All are welcome – adults, teens, kids. The event is great fun.
Here’s when we need READERS:
9 – 11 am Cape Ann Museum – courtneyrichardson@capeannmuseum.org
2 – 4pm Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center –  hwebster@gloucestermaritimecenter.org
4:15 – 6pm Cape Ann Art Haven — arthavendirector@gmail.com

To volunteer to read, please contact the venue directly or :captscourageous@gmail.com or 978-281-1222

Check out photos and video by Manny Simoes and Joey from last year at: https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/?s=captains+courageous

Things To Do!- seARTS Captains Courageous Festival on Saturday, March 5 9am – 9:30pm


Saturday, March 5 9am – 9:30pm
The Captains Courageous Festival returns to Gloucester thanks to success, recognition and, most importantly, the community’s enthusiastic participation and support last year.
The all-day event for all ages features community volunteers reading the novel; tours, children’s and family programs, a performance by sea shanty singers, Three Sheets to the Wind, and Captains Courageous (1937 film) starring Spencer Tracy.

Join the celebration of Captains Courageous, Rudyard Kipling’s classic adventure novel about a spoiled rich boy rescued by Gloucester fishermen. Don’t miss the classic film at Cape Ann Community Cinema at 7pm.

Presented by the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) in partnership with:
Cape Ann Museum
Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center
Cape Ann Art Haven
Sawyer Free Library
Cape Ann Community Cinema
Schooner Adventure

Readings and related programs are free to all; film tickets are $12
VOLUNTEER: To volunteer to read or to help on March 5, please contact seARTS at
captscourageous@gmail.com or 978-281-1222.
SCHEDULE: Look for the full schedule February 21 at http://www.searts.org

    For more info visit seARTS

    Captains Courageous Festival a Full day of Activities

    Captains Courageous Festival presented by seARTS March 6th.  A full day of activities from 9:00 AM through 9:30 PM.   Reading by a cast of many at Cape Ann Museum, Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, and Cape Ann Art Haven. 

    Link to  Play slideshow

    Cape Ann Community Cinema presented the Three Sheets to the Wind,  The Cape Ann sea Shanty Singers & Musicians  and Captains Courageous (1937 film) with Spencer Tracy & Lionel Barrymore.

    Videos of the Readings and the Cape Ann Shanty Singers.

    Sorry for the long posting, but I will be on holiday for the next two weeks.

    Check out seARTS  http://www.searts.org/events.htm


    Things To Do- Captains Courageous Festival This Saturday March 6

    Captains Courageous Festival
    Gloucester, Massachusetts
    Saturday, March 6

         Experience Rudyard Kipling’s seafaring coming-of-age story about a spoiled rich boy rescued at sea by Gloucester fishermen. Classic adventure novel inspires all-day event in America’s oldest fishing community. Join the celebration of Gloucester’s rich cultural heritage.

    The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) in partnership with local cultural groups and businesses: Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, Sawyer Free Library Cape Ann Art Haven, Cape Ann Community Cinema and Schooner Adventure.

    • Cover-to-cover reading of Captains Courageous by community volunteers
    • Children’s & family activities, tours: scavenger hunt, rope-making, mapping & more
    • Three Sheets to the Wind, Cape Ann sea shanty singers & musicians
    • Captains Courageous (1937 film) with Spencer Tracy & Lionel Barrymore
    Saturday, March 6, 2010 9:00am – 9:30pm Readings and related events are free to all; film tickets are $10

    WHERE: Downtown Gloucester locations, all within a short walk of each other; see Schedule of Events for details

    “If you need to know what Gloucester looks like and you can’t manage a visit to the actual place… without fail read Kipling’s brilliant Captains Courageous and see the 1937 film adaptation. It’s a small masterpiece.” playwright Israel Horowitz in his introduction to Captains and Courage

    You can manage it all by visiting Gloucester on March 6 to participate in and enjoy the Captain Courageous Festival.

     See http://www.searts.org/events.htm for more information.


    The First Episode of The Good Morning Gloucester Program

    Featuring Anne Robinson from seARTS talking about the upcoming Captains Courageous Festival-

    Special thanks to Gallo Productions and Joe Langhan for producing the segment and Earl Foote and Archie Muise who provided the theme music.


    Manny happened to be casually strolling through town yesterday and by golly wouldn’t you know that everyone is so excited about the upcoming Captains Courageous Festival organized by seARTS on March 6th from 9:00AM-9:30PM that he started snapping photos of people reading the classic in anticipation.

    Check out the incredible effort Manny put into this video capturing many of Gloucester’s characters-

    From Manny-

    Here’s the video of over fifty people reading Captains Courageous, at different establishments in Gloucester .  With the storm yesterday, I think most people may have curled up next to a warm fire and did some reading.   Gloucester Coffee Shops, like the Lone Gull and Pleasant Street Tea house, had everyone reading

    You can get your copy at The Dogtown Bookstore, Sawyer Free Library, The Bookstore of Gloucester or Toad Hall Bookstore in Rockport.

    Anne Robinson Talks CCF- Captains Courageous Festival Video


    Saturday, March 6 , 9am – 9:30pm Organized by seARTS

    When viewing the video let the video load fully first by pausing the video to let the red line at the bottom load it up so you won’t have lagging if you have a slow internet connection.