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Sista Felicia’s Amazing Smoked Mackerel

My lucky day–I just happened by at Captain Joe’s dock as Felicia was bringing by a plate of her freshly smoked and deliciously warm and sweet mackerel. Is there anything that woman can’t cook, and cook beautifully??

Skipper Richie Cassola enjoying Felicia’s smoked mackerel

See GMG post from September 2010 when Captain Richie kept on hauling lobster gear with a fish hook stuck in his finger. Ouch!

And the recent post about Skipper Richie’s mutant speckled lobster landing.

Pete Chamberlain Paints What I Shoot

At the Khan Studio/GMG Gallery guest artist Pete Chamberlain hung this, one of his paintings which is eerily similar to a photo I took shown below September 30, 2010

Interesting how Pete interpreted the scene without ever having seen my photo.


Check out Pete’s work at The Khan Studio/GMG Gallery now through June 23 at 77 Rocky neck Ave G3 on Madfish Wharf