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Breakfast with Joey? What the Winners can expect-

Joey’s a great Guy always giving up his free time for a good cause. Such as this Friday’s auction for the East Gloucester Elementary School. He’s agreed to be a “prize”. You can win Breakfast with him at Sailor Stans!

This probably sounded like a great idea:  Having Breakfast with Joey of GMG.

Just think of all the great conversation you could have with someone so connected to this great City!

But the winners are in for a surprise. I know from experience that joey does’nt talk much when he’s eating. Also watch your fingers when reaching for the last piece of Bacon. It could be a big mistake.

But there is a good side to this story. You can have a great breakfast at Sailor Stans;



Your going to need it.

 Edited by Joey-

I took out a disgusting video that mr bananahead decided to post.  Damn it Paulie.  I just finished dinner and am thoughrouly grossed out by I just witnessed.  I normally have a pretty strong stomach but I honestly feel sick to my stomach right now.

“YEAH RIGHT! This from the Guy who sponsored the Infamous CORN DOG Challenge.” 

Mr. Bananahead