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What a thank you!

Nice read. Cape Seafoods, State Fish Pier, Gloucester, MA takes a moment to write a letter of thanks to the Mayor, to the City, to all involved with Gloucester at the Boston Seafood Shows.

“This initiative has a direct impact on our company in terms of image of course but also financially.”

Cape seafoods

Gloucester At Dawn, The State Fish Pier 4:58AM 4/23/12

As always click the photo for the full sized view


I dig the reflections especially the red on the wet herring vats in the right hand part of the picture which are reflections of the port side red navigation light on the F/V Endevour.

Gloucester At Dawn- The State Fish Pier 6:00AM 10/5/09

Yep there’s people working while you’re still asleep.  Here a lobsterman gets ready to lower down a box of bait aboard his boat.  Video at 8am

Rick At Cape Seafoods Wears Protective Glasses To Guard From Salt In His Eyes

When operating the herring salting machine Rick Libro wears these protective glasses.   The salt sprays everywhere and it coats everything.

Vats Of Herring At The State Fish Pier

Last week herring was scarce with some bait companies completely sold out.  Yesterday the Cape Seafoods boats came in loaded.  Feast or famine.  Yesterday was feast.  It was all asses and elbows as the Cape Seafood Crew earned their pay offloading a whole buttload of fish.

Plan B Herring Seiner

I got some video when dropping off some empty fish totes at Cape Seafoods yesterday.  Looks like the Plan B will be making its maiden voyage as a herring seiner soon.  Yesterday they were loading the net aboard.

Video at 1PM

Plan B Herring Seiner, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Let Er Go, The Plan B Seine Boat

The Let Er Go is the seine boat for the Plan B.  The seine boat is loaded up on the stern of the Plan B through the slot where the guy in the orange shirt is standing.  When they approach the school of herring the Plan B will lower the Let Er Go into the water.  The Let Er Go will set the seine in a circle around the school as quickly as possible.  A seine net creates a cylinder in the water around the school.  Then the net is pursed up at the bottom and makes the net from a cylinder into a purse (hopefully with the fish caught inside).

Walking The Plank Onto The Plan B

Obviously this guy has way more balls than me.  He just nonchalantly placed this somewhat narrow plank from the pier to the roof of the boat and proceeded to walk across carrying a box full of heavy parts about 25 feet up in the air.  My knees would be knocking and I’d be crying for momma before I’d walk across, lol.

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