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Cape Ann Film Festival To Feature “Maritime Capsules: A Dory Story” From Keith Palazzola, Sal Zerilli and Matt Bradley

Hello Joey,

As you may have heard, I’ve been working on a documentary film for the past 18 months with Sal Zerilli, Matt Bradley.

I’m writing to share some news about the film, and to ask you for a little bit of help getting the word out…

The news…The film’s title is Maritime Capsules: A Dory Story. It tells the story of the Grand Banks dory from the heyday of high-lining schooners to the current group of locals who sustain the ancient rowboat as a symbolically important part of Gloucester’s maritime culture.

A “rough cut” of the film is showing this upcoming Sunday, November 18 at 6p as part of the 5th Annual Cape Ann Film Festival.  The film will screen at the Cape Ann Community Cinema in Gloucester.  The address is 21 Main Street. 

Tickets will be available at the door.  Tickets can also be purchased here: http://capeanncinema.wordpress.com/advance-tickets/

Here’s a 67 second film trailer:

The help…Can you please help us share news of the film’s screening with as many people as possible?  You can do this by (a) posting the link to the trailer on your FB page and (b) forwarding this email to anyone you think might have an interest in seeing it.

Any help you give is greatly appreciated.  We’ll use proceeds from this Sunday’s screening to put the finishing touches on the film.

As always, thanks for your support!

Hope you’re doing great.


Matt, Sal, and Keith

Cape Ann Film Festival’s 2nd Great Week Of Premieres & Guest!


The 2nd Annual Cape Ann Film Festival has a busy second weekend planned, with special guests and exclusive presentations at The Cape Ann Community Cinema at 21 Main Street in Gloucester.
On Sunday, November 20th at 2:30pm, Paul Van Ness of CinemaSalem in Salem personally presents and discusses his 35-minute docudrama "The True 1692," about the Witch Ordeal in which 19 people were put to death for supposedly consorting with the Devil. Van Ness wrote, produced and directed the film in cooperation with History Alive!
On Saturday, November 20th at 2:30pm, Sandra Schulberg, producer of the restoration of her father Stuart Schulberg’s documentary "Nuremberg," will personally present and discuss this vitally important film. The film is an account of the 1946 trial during which surviving Nazi officers were prosecuted for war crimes. The film’s official website is www.NurembergFilm.org.
Two very different animated films also debut this weekend. First, the grown-up love story "Chico & Rita," a jazz-flavored tale set to the music of Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker, will premiere at 7:30pm on Friday, November 18th. On Saturday, November 19th at 7:30pm, the family-friendly treat "Mia And The Migoo" screens, a story about a little girl who becomes friends with a 30-foot forest monster who is none too happy that a greedy developer is destroying his forest.
Other family-friendly films playing at the Festival this weekend include "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey" (Sunday the 20th at 5:00pm) and the Massachusetts premiere of "The Hammer" (Sunday the 20th at 7:30pm), the Rockyesque story of deaf wrestler Matt Hamill, who went on to fight in the UFC. The film is presented in the open caption format, not only to service deaf audiences, but through intentionally dropped dialogue and some done entirely in sign language, to give to hearing audiences some sense of what it’s like to not be able to hear. The film is rated PG-13.
The rest of the weekend’s schedule is as follows: "The Way" (Fri. Nov. 18 @ 12:00pm & 9:30pm, Sat. Nov. 19 @ 9:30pm), the Free Classic "D.O.A." (Fri. Nov. 18 @ 2:30pm), the French comedy "The Women On The 6th Floor" (Fri. Nov. 18 @ 5:00pm & Sat. Nov. 19 @ 12:00pm) and "My Afternoons With Margueritte" (Sat. Nov. 19 @ 2:30pm).
The 2nd Annual Cape Ann Film Festival runs every day through Sunday, November 27. The full line-up can be found at www.CapeAnnFilmFest.com.





The film "My Tale Of Two Cities" (www.MyTaleOfTwoCities.com), a funny and hopeful comeback story, kicks off the final weekend of The Cape Ann Film Festival (www.CapeAnnFilmFest.com) on Friday, Oct. 15th at 7:00pm at the Rockport Music Cinema (www.RockportMusic.org) at the Shalin Liu Performance Center at 37 Main Street in Rockport with Guest of Honor, David "Mr. McFeely" Newell of the long-running kids’ staple, "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood." The film is an entertaining and inspiring story about coming home again and people and cities reinventing themselves for a new age.

After the screening, Newell, who is featured in the film and is Guest of Honor of the 2010 Cape Ann Film Festival, will lead a special "Won’t You Be My Neighbor?" sing-along. The film’s director, "St. Elmo’s Fire" screenwriter and "Saved By The Bell" producer Carl Kurlander, will also participate in a Q&A after the screening.

As an additional special treat for Cape Ann moviegoers, Sunday Oct. 17 at 2:00pm at the Cape Ann Community Cinema (www.CapeAnnCinema.com) at 21 Main Street in Gloucester, the Festival will present "Speedy Delivery" (www.SpeedyDeliveryMovie.com), a heartwarming documentary focusing on the quest of actor David Newell (aka "Mr. McFeely" the delivery man from "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood") to keep alive the legacy of Fred Rogers and "The Neighborhood." Newell will also appear at that screening and will conduct a "Won’t You Be My Neighbor?" sing-along after the film.

The two-venue Cape Ann Film Festival opened on Friday, October 1st with a sold-out presentation of the local interest documentary "The Gloucester 18," and wraps on Sunday, October 17th at 5:00pm at Rockport Music Cinema with a presentation of the restoration of Fritz Lang’s silent 1927 masterpiece, "Metropolis" with a live score by the renowned Cambridge trio, The Alloy Orchestra. Local cellist Kristen Miller will open the show with a new score for Maya Deren’s experimental 1944 short, "At Land."


When "St. Elmo’s Fire" screenwriter and "Saved By The Bell" producer Carl Kurlander left Los Angeles for what he thought would be a one-year Hollywood sabbatical to teach at the University of Pittsburgh, little did he think the journey would land him as a guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on a program about people who had changed their lives, much less inspire a feature documentary. But shortly after, Kurlander told Oprah how happy he and his wife were raising their daughter in Pittsburgh — the real-life "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood" where Mister Rogers had produced his TV show for 40 years — Pittsburgh and America’s favorite neighbor Fred Rogers passed away and the City of Pittsburgh went bankrupt. With both himself and his hometown in a mid-life crisis, Kurlander set out on a Don Quixote quest to make a film to help the city he had grown up in.

Armed with a cranky cameraman, funded by his dermatologist, and often battling his wife, who longs to return to the sunny West Coast, Carl asks his neighbors from the famous (Steeler Franco Harris, Teresa Heinz Kerry) to the not-so-famous (his old gym teacher, the girl who inspired St. Elmo’s Fire) how this once great industrial giant, which built America with its steel, conquered polio, and invented everything from aluminum to the Big Mac, can reinvent itself for a new age.

Kurlander goes cheese shopping with Teresa Heinz Kerry where they discuss her late husband John Heinz’s belief that sometimes your worst problems can become your best opportunities; tosses a football with legendary Pittsburgh Steeler Franco Harris; visits with Andy Warhol’s nephew at a local scrapyard, and goes fishing in Pittsburgh’s once polluted rivers with his brother actor Tom Kurlander and, after eating a catfish, consults with famed coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht to find out if they will live. Along the way, the film documents one of the most inspiring urban comebacks in recent history as, during the course of filming, Pittsburgh went from the brink of bankruptcy to being named in 2010 "America’s Most Livable City."

As comedian Louie Anderson jokes in the film, "My Tale Of Two Cities" is not a "Roger & Me," but a "Mister Rogers  & Me" — a feel-good movie which explores whether you can go home again and how all of us can make a difference in the communities in which we live. But in the end, this quirky, personal, and often funny, film may be most about what Oprah said to Kurlander when he was on her show — the search for a more "authentic life."

On March 23, 2010, "My Tale Of Two Cities" became the first movie ever to play Capitol Hill at the new U.S. Visitor’s Center where many shared Congressman Mike Doyle’s sentiment that this is "a comeback story that can inspire cities around the country." The film has gone on to play in theaters across North America including Windsor Ontario, Pittsburgh, Tempe, Harrisburg, New Haven, Cleveland, Boston, Portland and Louisville.

For more information and media inquiries or screeners, email Marketing Director Chelsea Strub at MyTaleOfTwoCities@gmail.com. "My Tale Of Two Cities" is distributed by Panorama Entertainment.  


"Made in the first-person style of Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock, and Bruce Weber, this witty and heartfelt documentary interweaves Kurlander’s personal odyssey with an account of the rise-and-fall-and-rise-again of The Steel City, touching upon such touchstones as TV icon Mr. Rogers (who also went back to Pittsburgh), onetime local filmmaker George Romero ("Even the dead left Pittsburgh!"), football legend Franco Harris ("The Immaculate Reception"), Andy Warhol, and many more." -The Gene Siskel Film Center

"A story of comebacks, coming back, and what a beautiful day in the neighborhood can mean." -Barb Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A movie that is timely, moving, and – above all – entertaining.  You can’t get an entire city into therapy– but this film is the next best thing." -Mitch Teich, Milwaukee Public Radio

"… a wry, funny tale….  A cross between Woody Allen and Fred Rogers, Kurlander reminds us that our cities are the real "Real America in which we can best renew ourselves, our country, and our hope for all humanity." -Howard Fineman, Newsweek

"Delightfully quirky" -Chicago Reader

"Schlubbier than Michael Moore." -The Boston Globe

North Shore Weekend Picks From Your Boy Joey

Here’s My Top Picks As Part of the North Shore Blogger Consortium Weekly Cultural Things To Do

Thursday October 7

Cape Ann Farmer’s Market


Niki Bogin Writes-

Hi Joey,

Could you let your folks know that this is the last week of the Farmers
Market and we still need the communities support! Plus it is a great time to stock
up on maple syrup, honey, baked goods and produce for the fall and get some early
Christmas shopping done!


Topsfield Fair- do I really need to explain this one?  Just a gentle reminder that it’s out there as an option.

Here’s a link to their schedules of events-

Topsfield Fair Website Click Here

Saturday October 9th


The Cape Ann Film Festival

Cape Ann, Massachusetts * October 1-17, 2010 * Multiple Venues

Cape Ann Community Cinema Film Festival

Saturday, Oct. 9 features a trio of special filmmaker events: the free screening of the the documentary about Gloucester poet Charles Olson, “Polis Is This” (Sat. Oct. 9 @ 3:00pm, CACC). The screening part of the Charles Olson Centennial celebration taking place all over Gloucester for two weeks in October, and film director Henry Ferrini will host; the fishing industry is on the menu in “Truth: Fishing Crisis Or Government Mismanagement?” (Sat. Oct. 9 @ 5:00pm) when director Brian Loftes is joined by representatives from the local fishing industry in what is sure to be a spirited discussion; “Handsome Harry” (Sat. Oct. 9 @ 7:30pm) director Bette Gordon will discuss her psychological thriller and her storied career in filmmaking.



The Cape Ann Artisans welcome you to our 27th season. Come visit the 16 artisans who make up the 2010 Open Studio Tour. Look for our magenta banners as you travel around the beautiful coastline of Gloucester and Rockport. Visit us by appointment through the year, or during our Open Studio Tours.

Fall Tour: October 9 – 11
10 am – 5 pm


Annisquam Arts and Crafts show will be celebrating its 25th anniversary on Saturday October 9th and Sunday October 10th 

from 10AM to 5PM at the Annisquam Village Hall, 34 Leonard Street, in the center of the quaint village.

Sunday October 10th


Common Crow’s Tenth Anniversary Crow Ball
Sunday October 10 2010 5 to 9 pm
at Legion Hall, corner of Middle and Washington Street
admission Free!


The Cape Ann Film Festival

Cape Ann, Massachusetts * October 1-17, 2010 * Multiple Venues

“Orgasm, Inc.” (Sun. Oct. 10 @ 2:00pm, CACC) features director Liz Canner live, talking about making her documentary about Big Pharma’s relentless quest for a “Viagra for women.”

“Hibakusha” (Sun. Oct. 10 @ 4:30pm, CACC) is the haunting retelling of stories of the Japanese, Korean and American survivors of the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Director David Rothauser will present.


* “The Stranger” (Sun. Oct. 10 @ 5:00pm, RMC) – Orson Welles’s 1946 spy drama about a Nazi-in-hiding has been fully digitally restored by Rockport’s own Phil Hopkins of Film Chest, who will present a brief before-and-after demonstration.

Weekend Picks From Your Boy Joey Starting September 30th

Thursday Sept 30th

Cape Ann Farmer’s Market


Cape Ann Film Festival Preview Night


Info from Jo-Ann Castano


The Cape Ann Community Cinema at 21 Main Street in Gloucester will celebrate its 2nd full year in

business with 17 straight days of films from around the state, around the country and around the world.

The Cape Ann Film Festival will run from October 1-17, and will feature 43 films and events, many of them

with filmmakers in attendance.

The Festival’s preview night is on Thursday, September 30 starting at 7:00pm, and will feature trailers from

each of the 17 nights of films, plus a special musical set from the quirky instrumental rock band,

The Weisstronauts.  Admission to this special event is $10.00, with complimentary hors d’oeuvres, beer and

wine for all guests.


2010 marks the first year that the Cinema has invited another venue to participate in one of its festivals.

The Shalin Liu Performance Center at 37 Main Street in Rockport, which just this week starts its

year-round film programming under the name “The Rockport Music Cinema,” will host several of the Festival’s

films in its 330-seat state-of-the-art amphitheater.

“We’re hoping that a lot of folks who have heard about us but haven’t made it down yet will come and celebrate

with us during this very huge month,” said Robert Newton, managing director of the Cape Ann Community Cinema.

“The Festival is going to be a great time for all, and I’m very much looking forward to making a whole lot of new

friends in October.”

The Cape Ann Film Festival will feature 43 films of all genres: “180° South,” “1981,” “Asparagus: A Stalkumentary,” “Barbarella,” “Best Worst Movie,” “The Blue Bird,” “BoyBand,” “Breathless,” “Cairo Time,” “Canvasman: The Robbie Ellis Story,” “The Cartel,” “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” “The Clamdigger’s Daughter,” “Cropsey,” “Do It Again,” “The Eagle: America’s Tall Ship,” “For Once In My Life,” “Gasland,” “The Gloucester 18,” “The Green Room,” “Handsome Harry,” “Hibakusha,” “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child,” “The Klezmatics: On Holy Ground,” “Lovely, Still,” “Metropolis,” “My Tale Of Two Cities,” “Night Of The Living Dead: Re-Animated,” “Orgasm, Inc.,” “Orlando,” “Polis Is This,” “Racing Dreams,” “Ran,” “Science Fiction Double Feature: 2081/I’m Here,” “The Secret Of Kells,” “The Secret Of NIMH,” “Soul Kitchen,” “Speedy Delivery,” “Stonewall Uprising,” “The Stranger,” “Ten9Eight” and “Truth: Fishing Crisis Or Government Mismanagement?”

Additionally, the dozen short films in this year’s “Media That Matters” touring show will be interspersed, paired appropriately throughout the Festival.

Synopses, trailers and full Festival schedule are listed on the Festival’s website at www.CapeAnnFilmFest.com.

Friday October 1


Listing the Topsfield Fair is kinda obvious, no?  Well at least if you click on the picture above it will bring you to the website (I know how people hate to look things up for themselves)  Makes it so much easier when someone puts that nice fat juicy link right in front of them to click right through.

so here you go-

Topsfield Fair Website Click Here

GHS Football vs Beverly Under The Lights!

Friday Night 7PM

Click picture to go to GHS Football Site For More Info

Saturday October 2


Pick Your Own Apples at Russell’s Orchard

On Saturday there will be music

October 2
Fall Music Series Laurie, Ellen & the Boys 12:30 PM-3:30 PM at Russell Orchards

Saturday October 2&3 The Gran Prix Of Gloucester


Paul Boudreau, race founder gives us some insights on why YOU should check out this international event happening right here in Gloucester!

For more information check out the website-

Gran Prix of Gloucester Link Here
The Best of Rocky Neck
Rocky Neck Art Colony Member’s Exhibition, October 2 to 16
Reception, SAT, Oct 2, 5 to 8pm

Members Exhibition

Pictured above are some of the images that will be displayed in the Best of Rocky Neck Members Exhibition.