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Steve B Represents!

Steve B Represents!

Steve B Represents!

Steve will be presenting a video at the next Gloucester Guerilla Art Project at The Cape Ann Community Cinema on January 28th.  He runs Shooting My Universe, you can click the picture to check it out.

From Steve-

“Hi Joey,

As promised, here is a shot of me representing.  I was in Monterey, California shooting the local wildlife.  Here I am with a Brown Pelican that was hanging out at a fish cleaning station on Fisherman’s Wharf.  In the background is a trawler, just a reminder of how important Monterey was as a fishing port.  I was asking what the local fish was at a restraint.  The “local” fish was Alaskan halibut. “

Great Time and Thank Yous

Last Night’s First Ever Gloucester Guerilla Art Project was a fantastic event.  There were many faces of the Gloucester Blogging community represented along with friends of GMG and other nortable folks.

I’d like to thank Robert Newton who provided the venue Cape Ann Community Cinema (and I think I forgot to thank publicly last night).  I’d also like to thank all the presenters- Jay Albert from Cape Ann Images, Mark Teiwes who shoots for the Beacon and hosts some of his work at www.MarkTeiwes.com, Chad Carlberg and Emile Doucette along with the rest of the team from www.baitandtackle.biz . Also thanks go out to Kat Valentine from Valentine Design who put Jay Albert’s slide show together and also was of great technical assistance.  If you haven’t already checked out their sites I highly suggest you do.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with these guys in the future to bring even more fun community media presentations to you fine folks.

It was nice to see fellow bloggers Jon Conant, John Hintlian, Miz Lia and Steve B.  Thanks for the support guys.  Also thanks go out to one of my best buddies “The Rabbit”  who took over GMG photo duties so I could meet folks without the encumbrances of the camera(pics coming later) or you could check out Miz Lia’s Blog for a few to hold you over til the Rabbit gets his ass out of bed today.

Thanks also go to Enrico Pallazzo and his lovely wife Kim for showing the love last night along with Damon and Ann Malloy of Neptune’s Harvest Fame (who I got to meet officially last night), Big Daddy Phil Doucette, Kenny and Paula Ryan, Dad’s cousin Gail Guittar, Jay’s family, Sharon Lowe, the fans of GMG, and the other people that I’m suddenly forgetting but showed up including the lovely lady that told me earlier in the week down the dock that she was going to show up and she did with her friend but her name escapes me.

Thanks to anyone else that came but I’m forgetting or didn’t get to meet.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise we will continue to do these and add more contibutors in the future.  I’d like to have John Hintlian, Sharon Lowe and Steve B participate in the next one (start putting your stuff together).

Ahhhhhhhh, feels good!