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iPhone 4s Camera Photos From Charity Ciaramitaro

Charity writes-

Seize the day!  Recent events have reminded our family to be thankful for everyday, every minute.  It’s a difficult thought, to be able to experience great joy and beauty we must also experience great sorrow and pain.  I was having a hard time today finding that fair.  It was my 10 year old daughter that reminded me it’s not meant to be fair it just is what it is.  She said lets just go out and enjoy some beauty.  We went out to enjoy this beautiful fall day and I took the opportunity to try the camera on the 4s.  Not bad!  Charity

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

Camera Porn

Have you heard of Lytro yet?- the new camera that captures “living pictures”. The way it works is it captures the entire field of light and in turn gives you the capability to choose what you want to be in focus. You can also share the image with other people and they can change the focus again themselves. It looks like it gives you the ability to change depth of field, without really knowing what you are doing. Pretty cool technology and I would love to see it in person, so I added myself to the waiting list. You can check out more images and info at http://www.Lytro.com



The Camera Is Going

The camera that brought you 95% of the pictures and 99% of the videos that I’ve posted over the past year and a half is going to a good home.

FOB (friend of the blog) and all around great egg Brenda Malloy will be putting it to good use.

I’m feeling sort of sad about it because it has taken so many pictures of beautiful things, people, food and Gloucester scenes and has been incredibly reliable but an opportunity to make the blog better has come up and along with it a chance to get a big boy camera for not a whole lot of dough.

I resisted buying a good dslr like good buddy Jay of  Cape Ann Images has because I figured that down the dock it would simply get demolished but since the Mrs already has a zoom lens and regular lens for her nikon d40 I figured that if I sold my precious Sony H3 (the camera used in most of my pics over the past year and a half and combined that with the money I got from a few pictures that sold at The Cormorant Shop recently, I could justify the expenditure.

So my faithful camera that has taken so many pictures and been with me all along is going bye-bye as soon as the new one shows up in the mail.

For anyone that wants a reliable camera that has a  solid zoom, is pocketable and takes decent video I highly recommend this camera- Sony DSC H3.  It was a joy to work with.

The pictures taken with this camera have been featured in countless publications, visitors guides, television programs such as NECN, WBZ, and WCVB, magazines, the Lobster Institute educational materials, ad campaigns for many local businesses, Flower Box Competitions,promotions for many local charities, art scenes, fundraisers, and more.

For an example of what pictures were taken with my baby click here, here, here, here, and here.