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Tourists – Ohio, Alabama, California, Arkansas Visit Gloucester


Couple from Ohio, enjoy Gloucester Harbor


Couple from Alabama, ski in Colorado in the winter and visit Gloucester in the Fall


Couple from the San Francisco Bay area love the east coast


River Barge Operator from Arkansas loves Gloucester’s open harbor

Greg Bover Represents! In California


Hey Joey,

Here I am on a ranch up in the hills above Palo Alto; that’s San Francisco Bay in the background. It was seventy today.

I’m here with my crew removing an organ we made in 1987 for a gentleman who built a concert hall as an addition to his house. He was a great guy, we had good times while working here, but he died a couple of years ago. His widow asked C. B. Fisk, Inc. to find a good home for the instrument, and we did. The three-manual, 45 stop organ, with 2,838 pipes, will be going to Indiana University, which has one of the finest organ departments in the country. But first we have to dismantle it completely, pack all 15 tons of it with great care into two 53 foot moving vans and then ship it to Bloomington. About a month’s work for six of us.  Some time next year when IU finishes modifications to Alumni Hall, we’ll put it all back together again. (I have a great job.)

There’s more info about the organ and a portrait at http://www.cbfisk.com/do/DisplayInstrument/instId/91.

Regards, Greg

The Broads Out In California Try To Defend The Undefendable

You may remember a few weeks back these very esteemed food writers out in California tried to tackle the Lobster Roll.  Responding to one or two of our problems out of six about the horrible mistreatment of their lobster rolls, they try to defend the undefendable.  I think the Dali Lama himself would consider this cruel and unusual treatment to one of the most sacred of all dishes- the Lobster Roll.

Now they come back out and try to defend this shamockery of a Lobster Roll here-

HOMEMADE HOT LOBSTER ROLL Homemade Hot Celery With a Hint of Frozen Lobster If You Can’t Get Live Ones Recipe



***Please do not mistake the image above with anything served out here on the East Coast or for anything we would ever endorse*** 

Check out their recipe at http://chezus.com/ if you haven’t read the funny pages yet today and need a good laugh here- http://chezus.com/2011/08/15/homemade-hot-lobster-roll/

Joey’s response which I figure has a 20% chance of being published on their blog-

God have mercy on your soul.

strike one- frozen lobster meat

strike two- lemon? who needs to mask the taste of the most succulent meat on earth with lemon?

strike three- the golden rule. nothing green should ever touch your lobster roll

strike four- onions, really?

strike five- when you have more celery than lobster meat you know you’ve got a problem

I understand how you are trying to differentiate your lobster roll recipe from others but really the beauty of the lobster roll is it’s purity and simplicity.

Can’t you broads out in California stick to getting all crazy with tofu or sumthin more west coastie?

You’re gonna go and give our lobsters a bad name.  Oy!

or at least rename the title to Homemade Hot Celery With a Hint of Frozen Lobster If You Can’t Get Live Ones Recipe

Have a great day and try not to be late for yoga. Smile

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