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Sista Felicia’s Peeps Easter Egg Surprise




Sista Felicia’s Peeps Easter Egg Surprise

Time to start preparing sweet treats for Easter. Last year this recipe was created and posted on Sista’s Dish after being inspired by my favorite childhood Italian traditional Easter candy while shopping at Scalafini Bakery here in Gloucester. Its a fun recipe to make with kids and adults of all ages.

italian candy easter egg scalafini

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Time To Get In The Kitchen and Make Some Whoopie….Pies!




Red Velvet Whoopie Pies


Valentines week wouldn’t be complete without a little Whoopie and Red Velvet!

Perfect day to make Red Velvet Whoopie Pies…


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Celebrating “Little Christmas” with Mardi Gras King Cake!


Printking 44king cake halfking7king5

I always remember today is Little Christmas, because it’s Grandpa Joe’s Birthday (grandpa Capt. Joe, with the Wharf )! Did you know today that today is  also the Roman Catholic Holiday called the Epiphany? On this twelfth day after Christmas,  Sicilians call this this Roman Catholic holiday of the “Epiphany/ The Three kings day”, ” Little Christmas.” In New Orleans Three kings Day is Celebrated with the Traditional Kings cake. Below is my Sista Felicia “King Cake” recipe posted last spring…  I always knew my grandfather was a king!  Happy Birthday Grandpa. You will be forever in our hearts.  Enjoy!

gramp joe

Happy Birthday Grandpa !

Mark your calendar…Fat Tuesday will be celebrated on March 4th this year. Fat Tuesday is often referred to as “The Last Hurrah” marking the end of 2014 Carnival season. It’s the last day of eating sweets and rich foods before the fasting ritual of Lent season begins! King Cakes are traditionally made throughout all the days of Mardi Gras season. Every year I prepare this sweet treat for my kids, and each year we crown a new king or queen. The jeweled crown charm shown in the photos below is a charm my twins found in their very first “King Cake” given to them by my mother in-law Marsha, 12 years ago. I encourage you to whip up this sweet cake for Fat Tuesday this year, and indulge  in it’s rich sweetness!


king cake half

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Printabbey mathews apple spice  cake

Abbey Mathews is this weeks GMG Cook!

Abbey Mathews writes~ “I made Sista Felicia’s apple spice cake and it tastes amazing! It was a hit!”

Sista Felicia~ Your cake looks delicious Abbey.  Great job!  I’m happy to hear it was a big hit!

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