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Please Help And Fill Out Downtown Gloucester Survey

Friends and fellow Block Party Committee members Erika Hansen and Linn Parisi asked me to help get feedback for this on-line survey to help downtown-

Hey Joey,

A quick survey to help downtown: on-line survey link below


Do you shop downtown Gloucester? If you do, why do you? If you don’t, why don’t you?

B.U. MBA candidate, Ben Hildreth, has teamed up with Cape Ann Business Incubator to create a survey designed to find out the answer to these questions (and more) with a view to helping existing and potential downtown business owners learn what the locals want – and need.

Surveys are very user-friendly (they take approximately 2 ½ minutes to complete) and will help downtown merchants meet the community’s needs.

Click the link at the top of this e-mail to complete the survey on-line.

For more information, contact Erika Hansen at 978.282.7779 or info@businc.org.

Note: FYI, there is also a Visitors’ Survey, which Ben Hildreth developed in association with Seaport Gloucester Destination Marketing Organization, designed to help tourism-related businesses understand the needs of their market.


Joe Brancaleone’s Hemoglobin Boarding Co

Here’s Joe Brancaleone at his headquarters inside Cape Ann Business Incubator.  Joe has started his own customized Long Board shop.  More of his cool designs and a two part video series coming later.


Harbor Goods, The Gloucester Life Is Good Store

Harbor Goods tied for second place with Kids Closet in the St Paddy’s Day GMG/CABI Window Decorating contest for Downtown Merchants.   Look for a great video interview with Christopher from Harbor Goods tomorrow morning at 10:00AM


GMG/CABI St Paddy Day Window Display Contest Winners Video

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1931141&dest=-1]

Thanks to all those who participated, it really brightened up Main Street.  Main Street is going to be hopping this summer between the new construction at the Former Gray’s Building, The Block Parties, The New Ice Cream/Candy Shop, The Joke Shop.  There is some significant investment going on Downtown.

Gloucester Rocks, and this summer it’s going to be the best one yet.  I can feel the excitement starting to build with the nice weather!

Kid’s Closet Second Place Tie Winner Pam Amaral Of The GMG/CABI St Paddy Day Window Display Contest

Here Erika Hansen from Cape Ann Business Incubator and Sharon Lowe from Good Morning Gloucester present Pam Amaral her second place tie award certificate for outstanding St Paddy Day window Display as voted by the readers of Good Morning Gloucester.

Look for the video with all the winners at 10:00AM

Chickity Check It! Tony Goddess- His Real Name

When leaving our Block Party meeting I ran into this cat “Tony Goddess” in the basement of Cape Ann Business Incubator.  Tony runs a studio and helps to produce music in his space -Bang A Song Studio.

Tony Goddess- His Real Name, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

What are the odds that his real name is “Tony Goddess”?

You can check out his website at www.TonyGoddess.com

Lee Bolton’s War Games Headquarters

Last night our group of crazies got together for more Block party planning. Within the inner sanctum of the Cape Ann Business Incubator Lee Bolton runs his operation. It looked like a scene right out of the eighties movie War Games with Matthew Broderick and Alley Sheedy.

Lee is helping us with the huge slide show and video presentation for the Block Party but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we find out that this guy is really plotting to take over the world from his command center deep in the bowels of the Cape Ann Business Incubator.