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DO YOU KNOW… The Difference Between Margarine and Butter?



Last night after reading my Uncle Frank Ciaramitaro’s post (below) about the difference between margarine and butter on his personal Facebook wall, originally written and shared on Eva Boese Peter’s Facebook page, I thought of my grandmother Felicia’s famous words to others when talking about cooking and ingredients.  Growing up cooking in the kitchen with my grandmother, I lost track of the number of times she preached,  “always use the freshest ingredients available.  NEVER EVER use the “fake stuff,” like Cool Whip, Margarine, and artificial sweetener’s, and if your on a diet, eat smaller potions using real ingredients.”  Grandma Felicia was a smart women , who always questioned the content used to manufacture the “fake stuff”,  and the effects it would have on the human body after years of consumption.  She even questioned and refused to own a microwave, when they hit the market, cooking everything she made using her cooktop, wall ovens, or BBQ grill.   I continue to follow her advice when cooking, and consciously try to avoid using microwaves, artificial sweeteners or products containing them.  I am  grateful for her wise advice, and happy to report that only a few recipe in my collection, call for the use of margarine.  

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