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Roast Pork Burrito At Tacos Lupita May be Best Lunch Value In G-Town

You need to know that value is no value if a meal you get served weighs 5 lbs but has the taste of show leather.

in the case of the roasted pork burrito at Tacos Lupita you get it all.  Great portion, Bazowie Wowie packed with flavor, and all for $5.50.

Boom! No Brainer!!!!!!


Tacos Lupita Gloucester Now Officially Open!!!

O M G  I just had a pork burrito with everything cut right off the spit!  Hellooooo Tacos Lupita!!!  OUTSTANDING and Fresh and Cheap!!!!!!

This place is gonna be mobbed!!!!

68 Washington Street Gloucester

Tell ‘em Joey from Good Morning Gloucester Sent You!


The Farm Bar And Grille Burrito

The Boys At The Farm Bar and Grille are still killing it!  Last night I popped in with my buddy Brian and I saw no less than 7 people from Gloucester sitting around the bar and the place was packed at 8:30PM on a drizzly Tuesday night.

The Farm Bar And Grille Burrito, originally uploaded by captjoe06.