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Julie Smith Asks- Burke Field, Magnolia

Julie Smith asks-

Hi- With all of your knowledge of Gloucester, do you have any idea who/what teams, if any, use  the Burke Field in Magnolia?  Or is it not used very often anymore?
Thanks for your help

Lisa Ramos answers-

Joey- Re; Julie Smith- the best one to ask about this information is Bill Knovack, but I can tell you that the Magnolia Mens softball league uses the field regularly for games and I use the far end field near the playground for practice for my Astros t-ball team. Also, the Magnolia Historical Society has donated their time and efforts in field clean up and brush removal, and in removing all the overgrown brush along the sidewalk on Route 127, Western Avenue, (yes there is a sidewalk there) in addition Jay Prince , Gloucester Firefighter, made and donated a new bench for the Astros in the name of the Magnolia Historical Society. Thanks Jay!
Lisa Ramos