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Well It Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time


After dinner with the everyone from the British Glamour shoot and the Mrs at Da Rudda, we decided to head over to The Crows Nest.

After bottles of wine, beer and martinis at Da Rudda, spirits were high and some of my fishermen told me they were going to be at The Crows Nest so I figured we would head over to meet up with them. None of my guys were there but we decided to hang out anyway and man up with some shots at the bar.

Yes I know I’m an idiot. Yes I know that staying out til midnight and pounding down shots when you have to get up for work a couple hours later is never a good idea. But I did it anyway.

And it was a hell of a lot of fun!

Look for Cyntia in the upcoming Victoria’s Secret catalog. From here she heads to the Carribean for a ten day shoot for Victoria’s Secret.

Here is a model page with pictures and a bio of her.

For the record she didn’t drink any booze and ate salmon while most everyone else ate lobster.

Cyntia Dicker

Here is David Burton’s website, the photographer that made the whole day a hell of a lot of fun.

How you feeling today mate? You should have never done that last shot!

British Glamour Photoshoot at Captain Joe’s

Here is Cynthia from Brazil posing on our docks. What blew me away was how right when she stepped up to where we were unloading bait she grabbed a stinky old herring as if it was a flower. No hesitation at all.

The crew for the photoshoot was like the League of Nations, some from South Africa, Great Britain, Ireland, LA, and Canada. All together on our little island to do a photoshoot for a magazine published in Britain.

Damon On Glamour Photo Shoot

The look on ol’ Damon’s face when Cyntia hopped aboard was priceless. He says it was because she so expertly knew how to board the dory off of the pier. I think it was something else, LOL!

Damon On Glamour Photo Shoot, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

British Glamour Shooting at The Dock

This morning we had British Glamour shooting a spread at the dock. I managed to get Damon in a couple of shots. You should have seen the look on his face when the model hopped aboard his dory.