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The Infamous Fred Buck adds To The Photo Story of The Filming of “Bride 13” On Salt Island

joey – these are some of the museum photos of the "bride 13" filming on salt island.  a,b,c are from the treasure chest left to the museum by gloucester high history teacher myrtle cameron.  d&e are from a photo album page with about 15 snapshots of the cast and crew and assorted rubberneckers on good harbor.  no idea who took the pics, but i’m delighted they did.
infamous fred buck, down cellah at the cape ann museum

salt island 1919.  constructing the set for movie serial "bride 13".  myrtle cameron collection.salt island 1919.  visiting the set for movie serial "bride 13".  myrtle cameron collection.salt island 1919.  view of the set for movie serial "bride 13". cast member on good harbor?  myrtle cameron collection."Bride 13" actress.  Long Beach.  1919."Bride 13".  Scene being filmed at Brace's Cove, Eastern Point.

Just another reason to go visit the Cape Ann Museum.  I’m telling you, if you have a question about something that happened here in Gloucester in the past chances are you can find some really cool stuff with some extremely helpful folks ready willing and able to assist you in your quest!

The Castle on Salt Island

 Castle on Salt Island, 1919 Alice M. Curtis/ @Fredrik D. Bodin
I encounter locals, and even Brier Neck residents whose homes overlook Salt Island, who don’t know about the castle that was situated there. Here’s the story:
In the fall of 1919, the Fox Movie Company built a wood and plaster facade of a Gothic castle for the silent film Bride 13. This was a 15 part serial, or cliff hanger. The plot revolved around the kidnapping and ransom of thirteen beautiful damsels by a ruthless Moroccan pirate and his motley crew. Action scenes included the firing of a 450 pound cannon, a hot air balloon escape, US Navy battleships and submarine, a schooner wrecked and burned in Brace Cove, and the dynamiting of the castle as the movie’s finale.

Where is this film? I’d love to know. All sources indicate that Bride 13 was either lost or destroyed, as happened with many silent films. The reference used for this post was the May 1972 Yankee Magazine article, Lights! Camera! Disaster!, authored by the late Joseph E. Garland of Gloucester. Thanks, Joe–you gave us so much–we miss you.

Photograph printed from the original 5×7 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Image # A8357-053
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930