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Tonight! Brian Templeton @ The RhumbLine’s Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30pm 10.29.2015

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Dave says,

It’s been a long time to have Mr. Brian Templeton missing in action, but, we got ’em this week! A big bear of a man, his songwriting, vocalisms, and harp playing are the stuff dreams are made of. Very impressive! Worse, he’s bringing along a fab nose-busting guitarist in the form of Mr. Billy Loosigian . Long a staple in the Boston scene, his hydrochloric style is sure to get your blood pumping. Add Mr. Dave Mattacks, the Atomic Clock, to the mix, and will wonders never cesium! I’m really looking forward to this and hope I can return to normal by Saturday. Do come! you won’t regret! Ask your yoga instructor if the Blues Bash is right for you.

brian templeton


40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


DAVE SAG’S BLUES PARTY WITH SPECIAL GUEST: Brian David Templeton, William Loosigian & Dave Mattacks @ The Rhumb Line 8:30 to 11:30

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It’s He-Man Week™ as I drag in the limb-crunching behemoth of the blues: Mr. Brian Templeton. Last time he was here, severe shock and awe erupted on the dance floor and mere mortals (not you) quivered with trepidation at what might happen to their booty whilst under his spell. He’s a really big guy, physically and tonally. Makes me look like Barney Fife. He’s really a great frontman, singer and harpist,and a joy to work with. He’s bringing along Mr. Billy Loosigian, rocket-propelled guitarist and veteran of many an ear-exploding night on this same stage.He’ll be the one in the red cape. Range-finding co-ordinates supplied by the atomic clock, Mr. Dave Mattacks. I’ll be on base. hours: 8:30 till11:30, and, no, we’re not changing them anymore for the winter.




40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, Ma.



Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight with Brian Templeton, Billy Loosigian & Dave Mattacks on drum 8-11at The Rhumb Line

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Dave says,

  The Happy Ending Social Club is proud to present Mr. Brian Templeton to our stage this week. Last time he was here, the joint had to be repainted. Mr. B., nasty harpist and vocallist that he is, will have you on the floor with his myriad vocal keenings and  harmonica sorties.DSC09412

Backing his play on Qatar will be Mr. Billy Loosigian, real estate mogul and cosmetic mutilation expert. Dive-bombing from behind will be our atomic clock, Mr. David Mattacks. And me, too. We hit at 8 P.M. Don’t be a cube, rube; go ape!

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732


Brian Templeton to play the Thursday Night Blues Party with Dave Sag’s ~ The Rhumb Line 8:30-11:30 ~ Today 10.24.2013

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 Dave says,

I’m feeling a little woozy tonite. I’ve been having strange dreams about penises and bolt cutters, and I just sneezed and a tiny metal pellet fell out of my nose. There’s some guy and he has big eyes and a pair of Craftsman® pliers squeezing my brain stem. Oh, wait, it’s only Fred!

  But seriously, folks, I’m proud to present to you a new face, a new experience, a new surgical procedure in the form of Dr. Brian Templeton. Many cats grabbed and shook my arms and begged me to get this guy to play, and finally,here he is, the font of everlasting blues. Czech out his web site. Don’t ask me what it is, I can’t find it. Just kidding!
Again, I’m as serious as a hangnail, but you gotta see this guy to believe it. Calling in bombing co-ordinates will be Willie A’s master of guitar goulash, Mr. Billy Loosigian, who looks great in a cowboy hat, and knows how to spit between his teeth. Counting time and his blessings will be my favorite Irish Ace of Pace, Mr. Bennie Benson. I’m really excited about this.I hope you agree! I’m bringing’ extra Diaperine®!

brian templeton

courtesy photo/Brian Templeton facebook

And, to put a bug in your ear, Next week is Halloween™ and it falls on a Thursday™. And it’s party time, right!? You’re gonna wear a costume, nez. pa? And who’s better than to put a spell on you but John Keegan®? Well, he’s gonna be my featured specimen with a whole lot of eerie lackawanna, tubes pulsing as we go for the jugular. Make sure you’ve made your peace and assuaged the gods of Erato before dressing in that nearly nude costume. We’ll see you then.
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