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Slip Sliding Away

The “lighthouse” at the end of the harbor breakwater on Bearskin Neck in Rockport has precariously tumbled away from its perch.  Even though I live right down the street and go by this often by boat, I’m not sure exactly when this happened.  Anyone?

I've fallen and can't get up

I’ve fallen and can’t get up

This Jacket and Jim McCoy Saved My Life

Fred Bodin post for Marsha (last name withheld)

This Jacket and Jim McCoy Saved My Life

On December 19th, 2012, Gloucester resident Marsha (last name withheld) walked out to the end of Dog Bar Breakwater on Eastern Point on a fairly calm day at low tide. On the return trip, a wave soaked her ankles, the next one her calfs, and the third wave was a wall of water which tossed her 30 feet into Gloucester Harbor. Marsha went under, but was buoyed to the surface by her goose-down waterproof parka (not a USCG certified PFD). She swam back to the breakwater, and used her rock climbing skills to get up onto the first ledge. That was about all she could do. Hypothermia was setting in. Miraculously, birder Jim McCoy spotted her, maneuvered her to the top of the Dog Bar, and into his car. He immediately drove her to Addison Gilbert Hospital for treatment. Marsha told me this incredible story, while wearing the jacket that saved her life.

The Jacket: This helped save Marsha’s life two months ago. No, I won’t tell you who made it, because it’s not a float coat USCG approved flotation device.

The Breakwater: This is what almost took Marsha’s life. A lobsterman told her that that a storm from 3 or 4 days ago can deliver big waves, sometimes arriving underwater, until reaching shore. EJ’s photo wasn’t taken on a crazy stormy day. Watch yourself.


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Miss Fern On The Rocks At Eastern Point Panoramas

Click photos for full sized panoramas.  Have I told y’all yet how much I love the new camera?  The Sony HX9V, 16 times zoom, killer video, panoramas in camera HDR processing and it slips right in my pocket!  The thing is the nuts!  I highly highly recommend it.  Here’s a link to reviews and the Amazon store, mine came in two days.





Miss Fern From Cape May New Jersey High And Dry On The Rocks Off The Breakwater In Gloucester Pics From Dani Lubbers

All Photos From Dani Lubbers
Video From Joey C Here
The Latest Pictures From Joey C Including A Panorama Of The Scene Here
All The Panoramas Here

Attention Coast guard Station Gloucester, we may have hit somethin’ over heah.


Shark At The Breakwater Pic From Rob Bouchie- Shark ID Requested

Hey Joey,
I had my college buddies up for the weekend, we took a walk down the breakwater on Sunday, (a cold Dale’s Pale Ale in hand) and about halfway down we saw this approx. 5.5’~7.0′ (solo, juvenille?) shark.  Some may Nurse Shark, I think Lemon…
We followed it along the inside wall, heading west and near the end it headed towards the harbor.  The classical spread of the small eyes, distanced fins, it’s shape, size, color were typical of Lemon…although if you zoom in it has a white tip to it’s tail fin only, which excludes the obvious white tip shark, which has a white tip on the dorsal. ??? Who knows?  Maybe someone can figure it out.  Very cool though!


Why They Call It a Breakwater From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joe,

After last night’s storm we headed over to the breakwater to check out the waves.  The first shot was taken from the beach at the parking lot and my lense was just about level with the top of the breakwater. The second was take from the light house end using a telephoto.  The coolest thing about the breakwater is that when walking out on it, you’ll see gaps where stones were on the ocean side.  This means there used to be stones there! If it’s low tide, you can look on the harbor side of the gaps and see the missing stones on the bottom.  If you think about how much power it takes to dislodge one of those stones and throw it to the other side of the breakwater, it’s mind boggling!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid