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Checking in from Rockport: Red Skiff Hash!

Grabbing my second breakfast of the day late this morning almost 10AM thought the Red Skiff right in Rockport would be the ticket on a Saturday morning. Busy but my daughter and I grabbed a table and she ordered the coconut pancakes and I ordered the top special which is Eggs Benedict with Corned Beef Hash.

I love coconut in most situations but a pancake? Hmm.  But the pancakes hit the table two seconds before my dish so I tried a bite and amazing fluffy coconut goodness. Then I got to mine and chewed off a good piece before I thought to take a photo.

I am never as controlled as Joey that I can take a photo of my food before I mess it up. But you can see the hash below that Benedict. The home fries were normal Red Skiff Spectacular but the part I had forgotten, the english buried in there was obviously toasted on the grill. This gave a nice crispiness on top which withstood the Benedict sauce flowing down. Slightly offscreen was a side of bacon and coffee which kept me going the rest of the day. No lunch for me on Saturday.

Did I mention I like the hash at Red Skiff? The pancakes were huge and I am trying to break a habit of licking my plate in public so a doggy bag of pancake and some hash made its way home. That lasted all of 30 seconds as everyone else had arrived and acted like wild animals.

SeniorCare Annual Fundraiser Breakfast Thursday Oct 21st

Anne Springer Writes-


Would you mind running this “save the date” PSA for us on your site?

Save the Date: SeniorCare, Inc. will hold its Annual Fundraiser Breakfast, sponsored by Lobsta Land , on Thursday, October 21.

Tickets $8 per person.  For more information, call SeniorCar at (978) 281-1750.



Red Skiff Eggs Benedict with hash

My daughter wants to see every sunrise but I slipped up this morning and was out there at 6:15 AM and even though I would call it rising in her book it was way too late. To console her we all went to The Red Skiff for breakfast. A rock throw from the lighthouse in the middle of the street (OK locals tell me the name of it).

To do my cub reporting correctly I had the special listed at the top of the whiteboard. Eggs Benedict with hash. I think it was red hash.

[Expletive deleted], [Expletive deleted] my goodness this was good. From bottom to top, English muffin, soft but still with a crispy top, the hash, rich and no diet reduction working here, on that a perfect poached egg, not runny but it was just a few seconds before it was pulled, then a remarkable Benedict sauce on top.

After the first bite I said: “self, if you eat this and the home fries you are going to regret it. Do not touch them. (I listened to myself and the home fries went doggy bagging home to a late sleeper who enjoyed them)

But back to breakfast. I did not share, I wanted it all. The hash was amazing. I don’t want to argue about who has better hash. Two Sisters is in the running. But when you layer all these good things and keep the crunch in the top of the english muffin while everything else is going all gooey this was a good start to the day.

I was purchasing ping pong balls at Cracker Jacks an hour later. Trying to find change I mentioned that, oh, don’t have the quarter since I put it in the meter in front of the Red Skiff this morning and then we get to talking about hash and how she doesn’t like hash because as a kid it was not so good. I felt the same way my entire life until a few years ago. Hash when you were a kid was terrible. Your parents were making a cheap meal made of leftovers and a potato. I think I may have convinced her to try hash again for the first time.

I used to hate peas for the same reason. Seven kids and mom plates canned peas in front of you they were terrible. Now one of my favorite foods just poking out of the garden this week.

Update: Peeps III coming, Art has Revenge, they are back at Shaws.
I missed my 2PM deadline because of kayaking to Pigeon Cove before the big black cloud arrived. But I have Homie pics from that.

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