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Twenty Lanes, 6 Bowlers Per Lane= 120 Bowlers Total. Who Do You Suppose Had The Lowest Score Total at Whipple Bowl???

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20 Lanes Filled With Teams of 6 makes 120 bowlers.  Who do you suppose had the lowest total out of all of the 120 bowlers?

If you guessed our Kim Smith You Get The Boobie Prize!


At one point out of 8 full frames she had a total of 8 pins knocked down.  That’s 24 balls bowled for 8 pins knocked down.  Outstanding!!!!  No doubt in my mind you deserve a trophy for that kind of performance!

Irony of all ironies?  Kim’s daughter The Livinator runs the show at Bowl-o-rama in Union Square NYC.

Why Not Bowl?

Udine4less_LOGO2Through my travels of finding and creating great restaurant deals, I have also found some other businesses in town that give a good deal or two. One of those businesses in town that gives a great deal is Cape Ann Lanes. I am not sure how many of you have visited Cape Ann Lanes since it has been revamped, but the new owner has done a fantastic job. It is a great place to take your family, or just head out for a night with friends. The fact that I can go bowl a few strings and have a beer is good enough for me. The repainted, added new features, and put in some fantastic wide screen screens. Truthfully in my eyes, one of the best alleys on the North Shore. And yes – we have a GMG deal alert. You can get a free string of bowling for all in your bowling party…..Check it out below.