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Drone Video from the rock that completely destroyed a house

One minute your milking goats and yodeling your ass off and the next minute you have a big ass boulder pounding through your house making it look like a bunch of match sticks.

I guess the question I would ask is this-

If you buy a house under a mountain that has rock formations that look like they’re ready to let go at any time are you really surprised when your shit gets wiped out?

Is this not the equivalent of the nouveau riche that buy shacks on Plum Island, tear them down and build mansions and then cry for Federal assistance when they get wiped out by the latest storm as if there hadn’t been decades of evidence of massive beach erosion?


Loyalty editedThis classic photo comes courtesy of Jean Dugan, one of the parishioners at Holy Family Parish.  I’d love to do a series of photos of each boulder with a person or object that typifies the word, like she has done here with “loyalty”! What could be better than a loyal dog in Dogtown on the “Loyalty” boulder?

Fr. Matthew Green


Dogtown walk


I haven’t been out in Dogtown much, but I went for a walk there yesterday with a friend. He took a photo of me next to “Peter’s Pulpit”. I wanted to get on top to strike a preachy pose, but there is no easy access to perch on the peak of Peter’s pulpit.We ended up at Whale’s Jaw:



I hope to get back to hike in Dogtown more regularly! It is a very interesting place.

Fr. Matthew Green