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Gloucester to Boston skyline Niles Beach sunset www.kimsmithdesigns.com -3With the frigid front moving in, last night’s sunset from Niles Beach revealed a crystal clear view to the Boston skyline. The warm hues in the photo are deceptive; a biting wind was whipping about. Peach met violet in the low hanging clouds and I thought the whole scene looked like a modern impressionist’s painting. 

Gloucester to Boston skyline Niles Beach sunset www.kimsmithdesigns.com. -2JPG

Gloucester to Boston skyline Niles Beach sunset www.kimsmithdesigns.com.Boston Skyline from Niles Beach

View of Boston from Eastern Point

After coming back from too big a lunch at the Museum of Fine Arts (met my sisters for the Egypt exhibit in the west wing, pretty good and great birthday presents) I have missed my 2PM posting time. So to cheat I’ll post a little photoshopping of Sharon’s Eastern Point view of Boston with some Google Earth added.

I was looking at the mirage of the buildings and wondered if there was a way to name them. I go into Google Earth and view Boston (with 3D buildings turned on) from Eastern Point. I can see them. But since real is a tad different from artificial to try to mimic the buildings I continue on the 25 mile southwest line to target and view from off Marblehead. That is the middle shot:

Then to name the buildings I had to move to Logan to get the last shot. The left hand building is definitely the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on Atlantic Ave. The “Washerboard” since that is what it looks like. Sketchy naming any of the others. The tallest one on the right is likely the IM Pei Hancock and the loaner one last on the right I bet is the Pru even though it doesn’t show from Logan. The mirage effect and that there is more heat back at Copley might pop it out. From the Marblehead view they are more noticeable.

From that view I am a wee spec to the right of the Prudential. I might just go up on the roof some night and see if I can pick out the Eastern Point Lighthouse.