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Bookshelf Books- What Are Yours?

Some people have book shelves and they feel the need to fill them up with stuff.

Sometimes they fill them up with stuff out of necessity because that is the only place to put their stuff.   Some people fill them up with stuff that is important to them and has meaning in their lives.  Sometimes they fill their shelves with art or some combination of all the above.

We’ve lived in our house for six years now and our book shelves are just starting to get filled with items that have meaning to us.

Among those things are a few books.  One of these books is one that I picked up at Dogtown Book Store.  It is a used Edward Hopper book with pictures of his work.  I’m a fan of Hopper and wish I could have gone to the show at The MFA a couple of summers ago but it was during the busy work season and the Mrs wasn’t too keen on going in at night.

Another is a book- Fiesta Throughout The Years .  I know that some people aren’t Fiesta Fans but I’m a HUGE FAN OF FIESTA.  For any of the rest of you that love the tradition of Fiesta, you can go down to Dogtown Bookstore or The Bookstore of Gloucester and pick up a copy to keep on your book shelf.

Do you have lots of books on your book shelves or just a few?

Which ones do you feel are special and make the cut to stay on the bookshelf instead of relegated to a drawer, the trash or banished up to the attic?