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Chubby Soft Drink In St Lucia vs Bois Bande

Chubby Soft Drink In St Lucia, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Despite what the name might imply there is a different drink made in St Lucia which is said to have certain characteristics which give you a chubby.

It is made from the bark of a tree and you can buy it in the duty free shop at the St Lucia airport on the way home.

From the wikipedia page-Bois Bande is the bark of a tree (Richeria grandis) in the Caribbean Islands. It has potent aphrodisiac qualities. Ideally, one should steep it in high proof liquor for several weeks and then consume.

Here is the label from the rum made in St Lucia with the Bois Bande-
And here is the drink the bartenders at The Fire Grill made me on our last night on the island (note the flecks of bois bande bark floating around)-