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Thanks so much to Bob and Pixie for helping to keep Good Harbor Beach beautiful!



Sara Young, Greg Bover, and Ken Riel

Last night the Studio Restaurant was crowded with colleagues, friends, and well-wishers in honor of Greg Bover, vice president of the organ building company C.B. Fisk, and the latest is a long line of super community minded, dedicated men and women representing Cape Ann’s business community.

Greg has lent his formidable leadership skills and hands on mentoring to many organizations in our community–to name just a few of his contributions–building the captain’s quarters of the Schooner Adventure, past Sawyer Free Library president, clerk for the Fish Box Derby, and trustee of Awesome Gloucester.

The award could not have been given to a kinder person. Thank you Greg for all that you give to our beautiful community.Greg and Mayor Sefatia

Jamison, Greg, and fiancé Maureen

Sara Young and Sinikka Nogelo

Bob Gillis and Tobin Dominick

Greg and Stefan Edick


Video Interview- Local Banking Part I A Conversation With Bob Gillis

People like to speak about shoping locally.  Often times they are talking about retail shopping or buying local fish, lobsters, produce and sourcing food as close to home as possible.

What often gets overlooked are our local banks who have in the past and are currently, extremely involved in our community.  Not only do they provide local jobs but more often than not they keep the money that you save as deposits here and turn around and lend that money back into the community.  They also back many local charities and treat you as a person and not just an account number.  It’s nice to have someone recognize you when you walk through the doors.

I don’t always advocate to do business locally.  I’ll be the first to admit that if there is an item out of town where there is a huge discrepancy in price I will shop out of town.  However when things are close to even slightly higher priced the benefits of keeping it local go way beyond what you put in your pocket.  There is a ripple effect where the entire community benefits.

We highlight the benefits of local banking in light of the fee based banking structure of large national banks.  Here is part I with Bob Gillis Of Cape Ann Savings Bank.

When you get your Bank of America statement this month and decide that you’ve finally had enough, check out what our local banks, Cape Ann Savings Bank, Bank Gloucester and Rockport National have to offer.   I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

…and don’t forget to tell ’em Joey sent ya.

Look for my interview with Patrick Thorpe From Bank Gloucester tomorrow.

Great Teamwork Once Again Shows What Is Possible

Look for The Block Party Red Carpet Celebrity Slide Show At 8AM

A Complete Team Effort Proved Once Again That The Power Of Pulling In The Same Direction For A Great Event Can Reap Huge Rewards For Our Entire Community!

Great job by my fellow Block Party Committee members once again.  Also a great job by the folks in City Government and the Police and Fire Departments.

Special thanks to some unsung heros who also helped tremendously during the event- Rick Moore, Donna Ardizzone, and Bob Gillis who helped clean the streets.

Thanks To the DPW for leaving the extra barrells.

Big thanks to The Cape Ann YMCA Clean Team who you will see in a video later today helping to clean the streets spotless at the end of the night.

I’d like to give a huge personal thank you to our Good Morning Gloucester Soldiers- Sharon who manned the GMG Block Party Celebrity Red Carpet Station (Slide show coming at 8AM), Joey and Frank Ciolino who built the backdrop and helped throughout the event at the media presentation truck and David Cox who will undoubtedly provide us with hundreds more photos from this magnificent evening .

Thanks to the people who provided the media presentations, the Art Haven Folks who provided children activities, and Georgie and Erika Hansen who were doing the face painting.

Thanks to all the musicians and performers who donated their time on one of the busiest nights of the year when they could be playing paid gigs elsewhere but play instead for free because they too realize that sometimes it’s not about getting paid.

The Downtown Merchants and restaurants once again put their best face forward and showed what a brilliant  jewel we have in Downtown Gloucester.

Good Eggs- Things To Do- Cleaning Crew

Got this message from Donna Ardizzone-

Hi All:

One Hour at a Time:

Date:                 Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time:                08:00 AM

Where:              St. Peters’ Square

Please bring gloves and looking forward to seeing all


That’s all it said.  So I sent an email back to Donna asking here what the heck was going on.

She replied-

Hi Joey;

It started with Bob Gillis, Ed the House Doctor, Tony, Precision Roofing, myself and we just decided to do it and start cleaning rather than wait for the city to do it.  Patti Amaral helps as often as she can.  Some weeks we have quite few people.  I send out the emails and we all decide what she be taken care of next.

A bunch of us decided to clean the streets every Saturday morning for an hour.  Pick up trash, cigarette butts, etc.  We go to Main Street and then the next week the BLVD, Good Harbor, etc.  wherever we see an issue..  It works really well and people come up to us and thank us and I think that if people see people keeping their city clean it is catchy.  Maybe you could mention on Good Morning Gloucester, thanks and also did you get to see Barbara’s window with the wedding dresses.  Amazing…

Take care and hope to see you around town.


So if you are around and feel like lending a hand, swing on down to St Peters’ Square at 8:00AM April 4th and have at it.