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Adventure, Roseway and Highland Sea Photos From Bob Cullen


Yesterday I was at the Gloucester Marine Railway with my niece and her husband so they could re-visit the Adventure, where they had gotten married 25 years ago by Capt. Jim Sharp in Camden. Joanne Souza, Director of Adventure.org was nice enough to give us a personal tour. We were pleased that the Roseway was also there, because the Roseway was a 2nd boat used for their wedding guests. We were lucky in that the Roseway was just leaving the dock and motoring out the harbor. I got some shots of that. Also, I met a Capt. Tom (I didn’t catch his last name, but he said he had once captained the Highland Sea (aka the Pilot.)) He said I had to take a once-in-a-lifetime photo of 3 ships built by the same shipyard (Tarr and James) in about the same year (1926), all in one frame. So, I did catch a photo of the Roseway as she went past the Highland Sea and the Adventure.

I also took a few photos of a carriage and some screws at the GMR. You probably have enough of those, but, in case you don’t. I just uploaded the 15 photos to my Flickr account – Bob C8. It’s a new set titled “Adventure Anniversary”. They’re set to public viewing. Feel free to post on GMG. In the set they’re in the right order.

It was sprinkling for a time yesterday when I took the photos, so I caught the authenticity of raindrops on my lens cover (or, I forgot to wipe the lens.)

Thanks, Bob Cullen (aka Jenn’s father)

click the picture below to see the slideshow from Bob Cullen

Below deck of The Schooner Adventure


Linda Greenlaw Book Signing Pictures From Bob Cullen

Bob writes-

Joey, this was at the American Legion Hall on 7/15/10, sponsored by The Bookstore of Gloucester. Note in the 4th photo that I am holding Linda’s new book, Seaworthy, and she is holding my new 2011 Gloucester calendar; both are available at The Bookstore.



Linda Greelnlaw, reading from her new book - Seaworthy - she's back to being a swordfish captain

Linda Greenlaw at her book reading

Joan of Arc outside of the American Legion hall.

Bob with Linda Greenlaw's new book, and Linda with Bob's new 2011 Gloucester calendar.