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Blood Orange Cocktail and Blood Orange Infused Water Beverage


blood o 1

 The white snow blanketing our surroundings this winter for me, was pretty up until snow storm #5.  Yesterday for a split second while shopping in the produce section at the market,  I caught myself daydreaming as if I were on a tropical island surrounded by  lush greenery, vibrant colored flowers and aromatic fruit trees.  A split second  latter I disappointedly returned back to winter’s reality pushing my cart wearing my new wrist warmers and wool hat.  After enjoying that daydream, I decided to shopping a little slower taking a few extra moments to soak in the beautiful colors lining the aisle surrounding me. The colorful fruits and vegetables appeared to be extra pretty yesterday.  They brighten my day and inspired me to create a few recipes last night using Blood Oranges. I greeted my husband  at the door last night with this “Stay-cation” Blood Orange Cocktail, click see more for three new recipes inspired  by yesterdays shopping experience. 

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