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A Poll from Fr. Matthew

Regular readers might have noticed that some of the posts on GMG have been getting a little… well… earthy, or edgy, bordering on NSFW according to some.  Joey is the founder and moderator of the blog, so he can post whatever he wants.  But it creates an interesting situation for me.

I love the GMG community – both the contributors and the readers – and I love the way the blog helps us to know each other and creates community spirit.  However, personally and as a Catholic priest, I can’t approve or agree with all the content.  Does my being a regular contributor imply that I think all the content is appropriate? Should I speak out when there is a post I disagree with, find morally reprehensible, or just plain gross?  Or is that not necessary, given that this is a very diverse blog, and it is not presumed that everyone agrees with everything that everyone else says?

I have gotten feedback of different kinds from different people. Some suggest I should withdraw from the blog so as not to be associated with the cruder content. Others disagree. I’ve been back and forth about it in my own head.  So, I have decided to pose it also to you, as Joey himself often does, in the form of a poll! I am not holding myself bound to act according to the results, but I’d really like to hear your opinion through the poll and/or comments.  (Please keep the comments civil and respectful even if you disagree with other people’s comments.  Sometimes people get hot under the collar when it comes to this type of discussion.)

Note: this poll is multiple choice, so you can pick more than one answer (hopefully you won’t pick ones whose contents are mutually exclusive).

Fr. Matthew Green

Chickity Check it- Is the News Dying? From John McElhenny On The Matter Communications Blog


John McElhenny writes-
Is the News Dying?

A blogger buddy and I had a back-and-forth recently about the future of news. He had just read a post called, “The incredible shrinking newspaper audience,” and was pessimistic about the future of how people would get their news.

“Scary stuff if you value real news,” the blogger, Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Gloucester, wrote in our Twitter chat.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned.

For the rest of John’s post click here

Community 2012 Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog- Send in Your Pics and I’ll Post Em Here

I know lots of you have been asking where the GMG tent will be.  We should know in about an hour and I’ll post it here.

In the mean time, we’re gonna do like we do for most big events- Live Community Blog it!

Send in your cell phone or regular photos from this year’s sidewalk bazaar and I’ll post em as they come in right here.

Send them to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

Look for Sista Felicia, the Mrs, Amandacakes, BJ and Donna Ardizzoni manning the tent.

Regular on the hour posts from our contributors will show up just under this post which will be stickied to the top of the blog throughout the day.  New content from our contributors will show up just below this post til I un-sticky it.


Ed Collard Submits-
GMG Setting Up Shop In Front Of Sugar Mag’s


2012-06-22 11.08.05

Get Your Ice Cold Refreshment On!

Bill O’Connor Submits-

Fred Bodin Representing!

photo (25)

photo (27)

GMG Has A Busy Booth

photo (28)

Check Out www.northshorekid.com

2:30PM Due To Overwhelming Demand The Girls Temporarily Sell Out of Mason Jars.

DVD’s T Shirts and Post Cards Still Available and They Will Be Working through The Night To Generate More Mason Jar Glasses For Tomorrow’s Bazaar


I repeat if you missed out today get there early tomorrow as they will be working throughout the night to create more mason jars for tomorrow.

Chickity Check It! Former Rockport Lobster Dealer Charlie Fields Has A Blog

Joey, I used to own the New England Lobster Company on Pigeon Cove Wharf and now spend retirement between Magnolia and Sun City West, Arizona. Every morning I get the GDT online and enjoy your blog contribution. I am not too sure how these blog sites actually work but as a sculptor and author of a memoir and four travel mysteries I am slowly learning how they can be effective in social networking. Check out my website designed by another blogger, Kathleen Valentine: www.charleslfields.com ( That’s an L in the middle)).

Charles L. Fields


PS: What’s the price?

Snoop Maddie Mad Publishes Her New Blog

Yep, you got that right, Snoop Maddie Mad has a brandy new blog. Older Sister Bean started hers when she was four so now it’s Snoop Mad’s turn.

All photos on her blog taken by her unless otherwise noted and all titles and captions her words as well.

The humble beginnings from my little maniac.

Here’s the link www.snoopmaddiemad.wordpress.com


Chickity Check It- Gloucester Quilter Blog and Webcam!

FOB Dot has recently started a blog about her quilting-



Dot writes-

I started quilting about 20 years ago in the middle of a life style change. I borrowed my elder daughters Featherweight machine, got a pattern book, some fabric and set out to make my first quilt. I still have that quilt today to remind me of how far I and the industry have come.

20 years later quilting is my passion. I make quilts for beds. You can throw them in the washing machine and put them in the dryer (on low heat) and then after 20 years buy another one. They are like a good pair of old shoes that last until you need a new pair.

I favor the Log Cabin design in my quilts as the geometric pattern creates an eye appealing textural effect for me. I choose over 40 different fabrics in varying shades to accomplish this. I use Warm and Natural batting and always good quality cotton fabrics as I am lucky to have a wide variety of fabric shops in the area and never need to shop the discount stores.

I am not a smoker but I am a dog lover with 2 Labradors to keep me busy when not at the sewing machine. (I now have a Bernina) I will be breeding my year old pup Stella in a few years and all the puppies get a quilt when they leave for new homes.
I enjoy working with my hands even though they are becoming a bit arthritic. Sewing helps to keep them less hurting.

That’s all for now……enjoy my quilts

Dot Batchelder
Gloucester, MA

In conjunction with Dot’s quilting blog she had Tim from www.gloucesterbytes.com install a webcam and has an awesome view of Gloucester Harbor from up on high-



Chickity Check It!- Never said about restaurant websites blog

Beth Swan alerted the GMG to this beauty of a blog a couple of days ago.  Check It Out, and this BTW should be mandatory reading for all restaurateur and website developers.

The irony of it all is that I bet some of the people it is intended for may still not even get it after they read it much like how they can’t comprehend the value in tweeting a 140 character daily special “because it takes too much time”


Click to go to-

Never said about restaurant websites

Chickity Check It! The Rocky Neck Gallery New Blog


This woodblock print, designed by artist, Sigrid Olsen, is our logo. See this as our imprint on Facebook and Twitter and please follow us (here and there) for news and updates about the gallery and the artists.

We have an exciting summer ahead with plans for artist demos and talks, festive Nights on the Neck and a new Summer Artists Series showcasing solo and group art shows in addition to the gallery’s artists’ works. We are looking forward to 18 weeks of sunny summer days falling into beautiful autumn afternoons, salty sea breezes, fun nights, art, music, friends and family coming together on Rocky Neck. Stay tuned for more updates on all of the above and we’ll be seeing you, soon, in Gloucester on the Neck

Click here for The Rocky Neck Gallery Blog

Rocky Neck Gallery Facebook Page

Chickity Check It- The Gloucester 18 Blog

Kristen Grieco a former writer for the Gloucester Times has a blog about The Gloucester 18 and teen pregnancy.

From the Blog-

Kristen, a former reporter for the Gloucester Daily Times, first broke the news of something strange going on with the Gloucester High teen pregnancy rate in March 2008, when only 10 girls were pregnant and rumors were surfacing of a clique becoming pregnant on purpose. She is originally from the Boston area and has an M.S. in Journalism from Boston University.

Chickity Check It- The Gloucester 18 Blog, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

In the blog she talks about teen pregnancy in general and has interviews with Kim Daly, the nurse practitioner who was at Gloucester High when the teen pregnancy scandal broke out.

You can check out the Gloucester 18 Blog by clicking this text

Chickity Check It!- New Blog- Get Fit Gloucester

From Cathy-

I am a 57 year old woman who has never felt more healthy and fit in my entire life. Five years ago, at 52, I weighed about 80 lbs. more than I do now. I felt much older, with stiff joints and back aches and no energy. And don’t even ask about clothes!

I did not “go on a diet,” I did not count calories or carbs. I made lifestyle changes, a little at a time. I tried to eat healthier and move more. You can do this, too. You can make changes to look, and more importantly, feel healthier and fit. You don’t have to be overweight to be unfit. You will feel a difference in strength, energy, stamina and flexibility. I’m talking to you, men, too!

I can tell you how I did it. Not everything I do will be right for you. Through posts about my progress; tips and ideas about nutrition and exercise; links to sites I like and find helpful, I hope to inspire others to get fit and healthy and encourage a community of support and an exchange of ideas. And have a little fun on the way! Much of our information will be about local Cape Ann sites – walking and bike routes, gyms, types of exercise, yoga studios, good buys on healthy food – but Guests and commenters from anywhere are welcome as well.

Okay, I know you all want to know. Right now I’m wearing a pair of Levis – size 8. A comfortable size 8!

Twenty year old daughter: “Mom, why are you wearing my clothes?”
Mom: “Because I can!”

Click this text and subscribe to Cathy’s fantastic new blog

Chickity Check It- Fishing With Susie Blog

Well she’s gone and done it.  I’ve been telling Susie to start her own blog because of all the people I know, Susie has a story to tell, and drama follows her around like baby duckings to their mother.  Check it out, she promises to update it regualrly- FishingWithSusie

Chickity Check It- Hye Tyde

Hye Tyde is the blog from  John Hintlian which mostly chronicles his surfing journal but if you look below the surface of all the surfing pictures and surf pictures, his photography is spectacular and he bring a fresh new perspective to your standard photo/journal blog.

John is very creative with his photography and I enjoy perusing his flickr album as much if not more than Hye Tyde.  Check out his flickr album and see for yourself.

Chickity Check It- The Parsons Project

The Parsons are having a baby.

Who are the Parsons you ask?

Why Rob and Kristen, DUH!

They are a Gloucester couple who put up a blog to let family members and friends know what’s up with their pregnancy and house renovations getting ready for said baby.

Check out the beautiful wide pine floors and job they’ve done with the baby room.

Here is the link to Rob and Kristen’s Blog

Blog Post about a Blog Post That References this Blog

Here’s a return shout out- HEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Life’s a Typo is a blog from a gal named Kalesy(never heard that one before).

She’s been blogging a long while and updates pretty damn frequently over the course of a couple years now. That shows a real dedication. I know because there are just some days where I think nah I don’t feel much like putting anything up.

Then I think about the random folks I meet on the street that say they look forward to reading my blog daily or seeing what pics were put up. Then there’s the emails from folks that have moved away and they tell me that they love seeing pics of places around town. That sort of stuff motivates me.

I know I’m not the most gifted photographer. My theory is shoot a bunch and then go through and hope you got a few right. If a pic isn’t exactly crisp but gets the point accross, I’ll generally still post it. My intention isn’t to be a famous photographer, it’s just to share and log my life the way I see it and present what interests me.

Kelesy wrote a nice entry about my little blog so I thought I’d return the favor and give her props for keeping at it like she does. I’m sure there are folks that look forward to reading her blog and click on a bookmark to it every day, hoping that she posted somethin.

Props go to you Kalesy!

(and a link in my blogroll)>>>>>>>>>>

Here’s another link for the few people out there remaining that don’t know that by clicking the highlighted text it will bring you the highlighted site-

Life’s a Typo Blog