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Beautiful Industry – Block

 This is one of many blocks aboard the Plan B, a former tuna seiner that is being converted to a herring seiner by the folks at Cape Seafood on the State Fish Pier.  The reason they are converting the Plan B is because the boat had seine history for herring.  During summer area closures which restrict the Cape Seafoods Mid-Water Trawling herring boats from fishing for herring, seine boats are allowed to fish for them.   So now they will still be able to catch and provide fresh lobster bait rather than rely on costly frozen lobster bait for their customers.

Beautiful Industry – Block, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Beautiful Industry- Voyager Herring Boat Block

Just like the net reels on the Mid Water Trawlers, the blocks they use on these boats are ginormous compared to anything we use on the shore side docks.  This block is probably rated for 20 times the weight or more (I totally pulled that number out of my ass) than the blocks we use on our hoists.

Beautiful Industry- Block

Blocks come in all sizes.  This one happens to be a big one but they come way bigger.

If you look on it’s side there’s a grease fitting.  Without regular greasing the salt water eats these things up.  A little grease goes a long way in extending the lifetime of mechanical equipment on fishing boats (or your vehicle for that matter)

Beautiful Industry- Block, originally uploaded by captjoe06.