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Photos from Committee for the Arts Trails and Sails and Block Party

Hi Joey,

During two Trails and Sails weekends and the last Block Party, the Committee for the Arts (CFTA ) was pleased to participate and spread awareness about municipal art.  One event: during the block party we were at Main and Parsons, near a very busy Markouk booth (always busy at Cape Ann Farmers Market, too), fried dough and candy truck (not just kids buying!), Dress Code’s charmingly illuminated booth, and Joe Ciolino’s. What a gorgeous night! We spoke with dozens of folks including the group of twenty youth from Ocean Classroom en route from Maine to Puerto Rico with a stop in Gloucester and a night out downtown. Parsons Street public art mural by James Owen Calderwood.

image001 (2)

Send us your photos and we’ll add them in! gloucestercfta@gmail.com

 image003 (1)image002 (3)

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Enjoy photos from Saturday’s Gloucester Committee for the Arts/Block Party/Trails and Sails!

Gloucester Block Party is making some “best of” and “top” event lists. Here are a couple of nice mentions:



The Essex National Heritage Commission is the organization that ran the fantastic Trails and Sails weekends (34 towns, and hundreds of FREE events!) Don’t miss it next year!

Block Rockin’ Tonight

This evening, 9/21/13, at 6pm, the Main Street Block Party gets underway. Without exception, Block Parties have always been well attended. It's fun for all ages.

This evening, 9/21/13, at 6pm, the Main Street Block Party gets underway. Without exception, Block Parties have always been well attended. It’s fun for all ages.

Even after dark, the street is packed. Here is my neighbor Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant. Always busy and always tasty. All the restaurants serve late.

Even after dark, the street is packed. Here is my neighbor Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant. Always busy and always tasty. All the restaurants serve late.

Toni Ann Enes on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes tonight

Toni Ann Enes

Toni Ann Enes on the set – photo: Joanne Silva

Local diva Toni Ann Enes is Allen’s guest on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes, which premieres tonight at 6:30 on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.

One of Gloucester’s most passionate singers, Toni Ann treats us to her original folk, blues and rock with a heartfelt, emotion that reaches through the screen and grabs you.

You can see Toni Ann live this Saturday at the Block Party Sovereign Stage at 6:45pm.

Watch the show tonight and get ready to have your heart strings pulled!

See complete Block Party music lineup here.  More Block Party details coming soon . . .

Fabulous Fall Finds From Pop Gallery!

The gals from POP Gallery at 67 Main Street have done it again! They have compiled a style spread of their top fashion picks for Fall! All brands/styles featured are available at Pop Gallery now!

Click the picture below to view the spread!


And remember to fall out for the last Block party of the Season on September 21st and “turn over a new leaf” with some new seasonal accents to your wardrobe! I will also be open block party weekend, with refreshments and snacks! Going to be a great time!

(And be sure to check out Pop’s facebook page for up to date information and special sales!)


Jason Burroughs’ art at The Hive

Yesterday evening at The Hive (on Pleasant Street, less than a block up from Main Street, on the right) there was an opening of an art show by Jason Burroughs in their back room. It was accompanied by a concert by a variety of bands. I stopped in to snag some photos! Jason is an up-and-coming local artist, who also works in the programs offered at The Hive and Art Haven.

He will also be in the gallery during the block party today. Stop by to see the art and meet the artist! And maybe buy a print or an original… Get it before he gets famous and the prices go up!

Jason with some of his art

Jason with some of his art

Matthew Green

VIDEO: Sen. Tarr & Bailee Militello are helping get school supplies to needy Gloucester kids at the next Block Party

Through a program called Bailee’s Backpacks, seven-year-old Bailee Militello is working with Senator Bruce Tarr, Action, Inc., North Shore 104.9 and the Gloucester Block Parties to help needy Gloucester children get the supplies they need to start school off on the right track.  Check out the video, filmed by Lisa Smith at Cape Ann TV, yesterday.

You can also see this video streaming on Cape Ann TV’s wicked cool new on-line streaming feature here.

Let’s see how our neighbor throws a Block Party

Last month Beverly tried their hand at throwing a block party and it was very well attended.  So they’re doing it again this Saturday from 5:30-9:30pm.  And they’ve got BARRENCE WHITFIELD leading off the music at 5:30.  Now that’ll be a rockin’ block party.  Just in case you’re not sure what I’m talking about check this out:

Here’s a video of the first Beverly Block Party.  It’s nice to see our neighbor picking up on our success!

“Spirit of Gloucester Cocktail Contests” Crowns Champion Mixologist- Felicia Grossi Of Alchemy Bistro

Champion mixologist, Felicia Grossi Of Alchemy Bistro, was announced today at Ryan & Wood Distillery as the winner of the first “Spirit of Gloucester Cocktail Contests” with her drink “Simpler Tides”. The contest is being held at each of the 3 Downtown Gloucester Block Parties of 2013 and Block Party Organizers designed it to increase the synergy and camaraderie between the Sponsoring Supporter Ryan and Wood Distillery, local restaurants and the block party participants.

For More information about Gloucester’s Ryan and Wood Distillery Check Out Their Very Informative Website Here http://www.ryanandwood.com/


Gloucester mixologists in the block party were challenged to create a winning cocktail using Ryan & Wood’s Folly Cove™ Rum and these restaurants rose to the challenge: Short & Main, Dogbar, Giuseppes, Ohana, Topside Grill, Alchemy and Lat43.

Ryan & Wood is a local distillery based in Blackburn Industrial Park whose owners Bob and Kathy Ryan are natives of Gloucester. The Ryans branded the name of each of the participating 7 restaurants on an oak cask which they placed side by side at their Block Party table on Main Street. Partygoers were encouraged to go and try a sample of the different drinks at each restaurant, which were also offered on the menus in a full-size for purchase. They then voted for their favorite concoction by placing a wooden nickel, distributed to the restaurants by the sponsor, in that restaurant’s cask.

Over 400 people voted in the spirited contest, which is an astonishing 20%, assuming even that 2000 people attended the first block party.

The contest was feverish and the vote was close. Grossi’s success was said to be due to her careful research of the rum, and a team effort in which Owner and Serenitee Executive Chef Jeff Calas suggested his favorite drink “Pain Killer” as the inspiration; Restaurant General Manager Danny came up with the drink name and Alchemy Executive Chef Scott Jensen added the final “Midas Touch” with his special, traditional Italian meringue which Grossi torched into a brulee before garnishing it with a fresh-cut flower.

Bob Ryan expressed his gratitude and amazement when he said “This was about Gloucester for Gloucester and everybody contributed. I had not realized how much the staff of each restaurant would have to do to get the thing going. I had friends tell me that they went into restaurants they had never been in, to try the cocktails, so I do think these great efforts were rewarded.”

Gloucester Downtown Block Party Committee Head Valerie Marcley commented “This contest fits into our block party criteria for any sponsor or event: It has to be free, fun and adds to the party. Stay tuned for the GDBP August 17th contest, featuring Ryan and Wood’s Beauport Gin™.”

Gloucester Block Party Sideshow Performer

At the block party, I caught part of a sideshow provided by Alex Becket of Dr. Bones’ Circus of Marvels. He started by tapping a large nail into his nose with a hammer.

Here is is showing us the (nice and long) nail:



Tapping it in:

Pulling it back out with pliers:


Yikes! Then he slammed a full can of tomatoes on his finger, resulting in a bent can and an unbroken finger (here’s a “before” shot):


It worked!  Alex is just one of the performers in Dr. Bones’ Circus of Marvels, but I unfortunately missed the rest.

Matthew Green


Block Party Debris Field at Bodin Historic Photo

Fred writes-

Here’s my measure of our Block Party. This was a family event, and dicey weather was a factor. But the proof is in my sink. Big crowds, respectable sales, and boy were they thirsty. All of the wine glasses I had out were used, all the wine and beer was consumed, and it was a very successful event. One thing is for sure — we have a lot of happy drunken fruit flies in the back room.

Sargent House Museum Block Party Pics

Dear Joey,
Barb Silberman asked that I send along some photos from Block Party at the
Sargent House Museum. This was a big night for us because this was the first
time Judith Sargent Murray’s plays have returned to life after 200 years.
North Shore Folklore Theatre, Co. made this possible by performing Act 5 of
"the Traveller Returned" (1796). To round out the evening, we had some folks
in costume, catered supper picnic boxes from Beach Gourmet, and historic
lawn games.
Thanks, Joey!


Wonderful evening at the Main Street Block Party from Frank McCall

Hi Joey,

Thanks to GMG, Tricia and I heard about the Main Street Block Party. We arrived with our niece and nephew about 8:30pm. As we approached Main Street, I snapped the attached photo of the new public artwork project on Parsons Street with City Hall in the background. A GMG article stated the artist is James Owen Calderwood. It was a wonderful point of entry onto Main Street which was alive with entertainment, shopping, and dining. We enjoyed appetizers and a drink at LA TRATTORIA & PIZZERIA of the WEST END and then purchased a beautiful piece of artwork (stained glass by local artist Donna Amero) at Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative.  Thanks for all the great info on Good Morning Gloucester! Looking forward to picking up my stonewashed GMG Cap next week!

Best regards,

Frank McCall


Editor Note:

Here’s a link to the artist-


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