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#blizzard2017 UNDERWAY!

Blizzarding! I hope everyone is keeping warm and cozy indoors

Ten Pound Island with Common Loons and Eiders

Snowy morning Backshore #gloucesterma #blizzard2017 #blizzard

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Ten Pound Island #blizzard2017 #blizzard #gloucesterma

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Blizzard Valentine’s Dinner


 As the blizzard started, we walked over to the Emerson Inn for a s
pecial dinner (it’s always special there). I had the pan seared scallops with lentils and wine sauce. It was delicious, but because of what chemo has done to my taste buds, I ate sparingly. The leftovers will make great omelettes at home. It was nice to dress up. The place is not as formal as my outfit indicates.

Janet, my Valentine: She had the Rack of Lamb, rubbed with brown sugar and dijon mustard, served with a Port Wine reduction. She cleaned the plate with a simile on her face. Leftovers: 4 bare lamb bones.


Cabin Fever Better Than A Hospital Bed

I’d like talk about our snow, and spare you yet another snowy scenic photo, which you can see out the window or online. I took the ADA bus to work this morning, the first time I’d been out of the house since last Saturday, (2/7/15). On the ride, I noticed that from the intersection of Phillips Avenue and Granite Street in Rockport, to the traffic light at Route 128, only three small properties had shoveled their sidewalks. That’s a distance of over 3 miles, impassible. This is extremely dangerous for pedestrians, who are forced to walk in the street.
When people complain to me about snow related cabin fever, I explain to them how it affects me: After spending February and March of 2014 confined to a hospital bed, toughing out a blizzard or two isn’t difficult. At home I can walk around in the house, prepare food, read, nap, talk on the phone, shower in private, and putter around at will. Be thankful for what you’ve got.

Rubber Duck Clapping in the Snow

Rubber Duck went for a swim yesterday on January 1. Today she was so excited about the snow so she went out to the rocks and started clapping.

It’s only 2 minutes and 25 seconds long. Pause it and let it load, crank the speakers, then let Rubber Duck rip.

A Winter’s Dream Video from Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith Andrew Love Cape Ann TV Gloucester Times

Lisa Smith (L) w/ Andrew Love

Lisa Smith is a producer, director, editor, videographer, teacher, etc. at Cape Ann TV.  Lisa and Andrew Love taught Robert Sherman, producer of the new Birding Show, everything he needed to know to get his project off the ground.  Lisa also directs most of the Local Music Seen with Allen Estes shows that Vickie and I co-produce with Allen (see clips from some of those shows here) including the show featuring Boston rock star Charlie Farren that premieres tonight at 6:30pm (more about that show here).

It’s a great deal.  For $20 a year, Lisa and Andrew will teach you everything you need to know about video production.  Plus you get the use of their studio (where we tape Local Music Seen) and equipment.  (We took their equipment on the road last year for Mardi Gras at Minglewood w/ Henri Smith & Charles Neville and then for the GHS Docksiders.)

Recently Lisa shot some blizzard video and put together a wonderful dreamy piece that just makes you feel OK about all the snow and grateful to live here.  Check it out: