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Sing Your Heart Out Fella!

Male Red-Winged Blackbird Although Red-winged Blackbirds are spied around Niles Pond during the winter months, spring brings flocks, and the males are an especially welcome sight chortling atop the pussy willow branches along the water’s edge. Red-winged Blackbirds are one of North … Continue reading

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A quick post for our Robin friends. Robins do not eat bird seed. With very little fruit remaining on the branch and the ground once again covered in snow, I made a quick trip to Essex Bird Shop yesterday to … Continue reading

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Sun on My Back!

Great Blue Heron photographed on a luxuriously warm late-October morning in the tide pool at Good Harbor Beach. Click image to view full size. Oftentimes when I come upon a Great Blue Heron fishing in the marsh at dawn, they … Continue reading

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I Love Sumac!

Now that’s not an opinion you don’t hear very often. I try to get my clients to love it too or, if they can’t enjoy Smooth Sumac for its unusual beauty, to at least appreciate the shrub for the myriad … Continue reading

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Birds of Cape Ann: The American Robin and Bird Food!

Right on schedule! Beautiful and welcome migrant flocks of American Robins arrive annually in Gloucester during the month of February, dining on local fruits, berries and fish fry. During the winter months Cape Ann often becomes home to large flocks … Continue reading

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Birds of Cape Ann: Mourning Doves and Why Birds Fluff When Cold

Pair of Mourning Doves in Pear Tree While writing this post and listening to recorded songs of Mourning Doves, I was immediately transported to my grandparent’s summer cottage on Cape Cod. Their home was sited on a bluff overlooking Cape Cod … Continue reading

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Exterminate All Swans by 2025

Female (left) and Male Mute Swans at Niles Pond The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s war on swans includes gassing, shooting, and oiling eggs on nests to prevent them from hatching. Their stated goal is to eliminate all … Continue reading

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New Video: Reflections Good Harbor Beach (and sunrise time lapse)

Outtakes from films in progress, too pretty to delete. In thinking about music for my forthcoming film I found this beautiful pan flute song “Mochica en la Noche” by Santiago y Sus Flautes de Pan. The evocative music and heron … Continue reading

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Birds of Cape Ann and the Magic of the Snowy Owl

During this season of the great Snowy Owl irruption of 2013, owlets were recently identified as far south as Florida and as far west as Bermuda! A mature adult male may be completely white; the females and owlets have the … Continue reading

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Birds of Cape Ann: Great Egret vs. Great Egret

Great Egret (Ardea alba) On a gorgeous dawn this past season I filmed an epic battle between two, possibly three, Great Egrets at the Good Harbor Beach marsh. The battle lasted nearly ten minutes with the defending egret aggressively flying … Continue reading

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Birds of Cape Ann: Greater Yellowlegs and the Boreal Forest

What a treat to happen upon this pair of yellow-legged shorebirds feasting on tiny invertebrates in the mudflats at Henry’s Pond.  The yellowlegs were foraging companionably alongside the Mallards, American Black Ducks, plovers, and Kildeers. I returned the following dawn … Continue reading

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Birds of Cape Ann: Buffleheads

Next time you see a flock of ducks, look closely. You may be surprised by the range of  different species within the group. Although not always the case, but more often than not at this time of year, I see … Continue reading

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